Puppy ears changing (photos)
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Thread: Puppy ears changing (photos)

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    Default Puppy ears changing (photos)

    I know we have discussed this before and I have already looked up old threads... NOT considering taping or gluing.

    I have had pup’s ears go a bit “wacky” during teething and I have seen labs with “rose ears” that don’t go away ... to me this looks like nothing I have experience with. My little guy (3.5 months) has had these ears for a few weeks now. Started off his life with great ears:

    AND now ....He looks like Dumbo LOL. An inward fold (like rose ear) in the back makes them stick out to the side yet they still lay forward.... and the size is crazy.

    Both sire and dam have beautiful set perfect ears.

    I love my pup despite the ears (I believe whats in between the ears is what really counts) but was hoping there might be hope he’ll grow into these!

    Anyone here have a pup who grew into themselves having a point where the pup's ears looking like this?
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    Hahaha. I think the command my 3 year old gets the most is "fix your ears"

    She too has great ears, but they sometimes have a mind if there own.

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    My Sable dog had big ears when she was pup, she grew into them.

    Your pup has personality.
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