The founder of the Black American Leadership Alliance had this to say:

Leah Durant (pictured) told Breitbart News that those opposed to the "D.C. March for Jobs" rally and who support the Senate's immigration bill "know that our coalition speaks for the common man and woman in America, and that terrifies them."
"It is our strong belief that now is not time to permit another amnesty adding millions more workers to swamp our labor markets and dramatically increase competition for scare U.S. jobs," Durant told Breitbart News.
Our opponents are fearful that the fight against illegal immigration, which has traditionally been considered part of a conservative agenda, is now attracting the broad support of everyday Americans - blacks and whites, religious and non-religious, Democrats and Republicans, men and women who run the gamut from progressive to conservative.
"We are undeterred by ad hominem attacks," she said. "We stand together with one voice, white, black, right, left. We will continue to fight for the common man to see to the enactment of immigration and labor policies that promote fairness and basic justice for America's poor."
Seems like there is a dearth of Dem speakers for the event.

This gal seems to be a more unifying force than Mssrs. Holder and Obama.