Legislators get overtime for being non-productive?
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Thread: Legislators get overtime for being non-productive?

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    Default Legislators get overtime for being non-productive?


    In Washington State the legislature has had to be in special session since it did not produce a budget for the state in the regular session. The cost to taxpayers is presently recorded at $77K, but might be $100K when the numbers are finalized. This was for a 30-day special session; and it appears another special session will occur.

    The cost is due to daily per diems of $90, claimed by most of the legislators. Some have taken the high road and not claimed per diems for the special session, stating that they don't feel they should since they didn't get their job done in the time allotted (the regular session). (Both an R and a D were noted in the article who have foregone their additional per diems.)

    Other costs are also associated with having the special session.

    And all this time and zero legislation passed; and no budget. Could the private sector sustain such lack of productive employees?
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    No, but like CA they are a one party state. They will rob themselves blind till they are are so far in debt they can't see daylight. Then look to the Feds for help.
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    They shouldn't be able to have a special session. No pay until the job is done. Don't get it done by deadline, no check. Besides, I would actually be happier most of the time if the state and federal legislators would just spend their time partying and carousing and NOT legislating. Every time they start legislating, we're in trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by huntinman View Post
    No, but like CA they are a one party state. They will rob themselves blind till they are are so far in debt they can't see daylight. Then look to the Feds for help.
    Ya gotta love it! To bad they can't have a special election and put someone else in the don't have to produce government?
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    I agree with HPL - maybe we should just ay them to have fun - wait aren;t we already dong that?!

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