How's come that nasty sequestration bill...
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Thread: How's come that nasty sequestration bill...

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    Default How's come that nasty sequestration bill...

    ...can't even slow down the messiah and his family of money-grabbing-"we-B-in-it-for-da-freebies" moochers. Now a trip to Africa that will set the nation back around a 100 million. WTF????? Just what is needed by the biggest prevaricator ever put into the white house, and his phoney family. I've had it.

    I can only hope that their relatives rake his posterior over the coals. Wonder how many MSP will be allowed to take pics of his pitiful poverty-laden family members? Hail the mighty Obama...still the answer to ALL your community functions.

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    I used to call it arrogance - with this - I'm not sure what to call it anymore.

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