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Thread: Puppy Chewing on Check Cord

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    Quote Originally Posted by catfish_joe View Post
    My pup was doing the same thing so I moistened the leash and rubbed some cayenne pepper on it. Fixed it quick, just be careful to not let the leash rub against their eyes.
    My mom did this to our lab when i was growing up because he was chewing on the furniture in the house. So she put tabasco all over the chairs and couch... i wish i would have a picture of the house when i got home from school looked like we sent the furniture threw a shredder.... apparently he liked the taste of it...Sadly bubba spend the remainder of his life outside...haha

    Answer is start socializing your pup to a check cord you can start by attaching a short tether to his collar and letting him run around and get use to something attached to him. Like marry stated only time with the cord attached to him can cure this just like the first time you put a collar on your pup he prob hated it for the first couple days...
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    Quote Originally Posted by catfish_joe View Post
    So what is? I'm all ears! Are you suggesting just to ignore it?

    I tried that bitter apple stuff first, but my dog seemed to enjoy the taste (CBR)
    Yes it will go away, keep the pup focused on the task at hand, associate the check cord with good things. My 15 week old has recently just started not paying attention to the check cord. She knows that when it comes out she is going outside to either work on OB or some memory training.
    It will go away, the more you concentrate on keeping it away from them the more they want to grab it. If you ignore the cord and work on OB or retrieving they to will start to ignore it, they learn that better things happen when they don't play with the cord.
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    I wouldn't worry about it, my pup went through that also but he eventually grew out of it. Just keep telling him no and take it out of his mouth.

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    What Shawn said. Go for a walk put checkcord on. Sitting in the back yard get that check cord on. Long story short get the up used to the check cord then move on to retrieving with it on.
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