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Thread: Ear Infection Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJ View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions. Vet sending out the culture for testing. Mentioned there might be an infection behind the eardrum. Get the culture back and try some antibiotics before getting too crazy.

    Appreciate the help!

    Do yourself a favor a read up a bit more. You could go years messing around, getting no where, especially if your vet isn't so clever. Arm yourself with as much info as you can.

    You said dog had an ongoing problem so .......
    Again, refer to this document http://www.dcavm.org/05apr.html starting with this paragraph.....
    Allergic Otitis Externa in the Dog and Cat: Current Management Strategies.
    If your dog is having troubles like those described in the article and your vet isn't following the recommended treatment, maybe ask him about it.
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    SpinRetriever and ad18 hit the nail on the head. Diet is everything when it comes to some allergies. Ingredients like Corn, Wheat, Rice, Chicken, even brewers yeast, all can cause ear infections. I haven't had any ear issues in my dogs since 1992when I learn what can cause it. Also if you have used a lot of antibiotics with your dogs with infections I would absolutely use a probiotic like Total Zymes, Nzyes.com, or Prozyme Products with each meal to create a healthy gut and healthy immume system. It's a small price to pay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarwoods View Post
    It may still be allergies. My black lab had chronic ear problems in one ear only. We switched to a food that contains no corn and the ear issues are a thing of the past.
    A no grain food did the trick for my gal..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erikben View Post
    Our YLM had a chronic ear infection for months and we tried everything with the vet. Finally, on another site, someone recommended the home made remedy Blue Power Ear Treatment. It worked like a charm and have never had another ear infection in the past 4 years with that dog. I still use it once every month or so, just to be safe.

    Basically it is;
    16 Oz. bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (standard 70%)
    4 Tablespoons of Boric Acid Powder
    16 Drops of Gentian Violet Solution 1%

    Check out the article and instructions here...

    I use purple stuff and have had no issues since. With allergies it may not solve the issue though. My dog does have allergies and had constant ear infections but once every two weeks he gets purple stuff and have had no issues since.
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    Natural Balance for dogs with allergies did the trick for us. Fish and sweet potato. My kennel loves it and no more ear problems.

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