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Thread: NAFC!! Is there such an animal. A REAL AMATEUR TRAINED CHAMPION?

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    At the National Amateur are we not trying to find the best of the best... That is to say the best retriever in the country qualified and entered that week, the only stipulation being that it be handled by someone who's Amateur status falls under that years FT committee's interpretation of the rules as to them being one.

    All the rest of the blather, like who trained the dog, is a non sequitur !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiRollerlabs View Post
    Well said. IMO there are very few people who have completely amateur-trained dogs now and never train with or use a pro. Many of the people at this year's Amateur National were in a pro group for prenational training. Most of the people/handlers have also attended a pro seminar, and some have attended seminars annually to become better handlers. The tests are so much more difficult and the concepts (i.e., put down marks and pull off to run a blind) are difficult to train. It takes expertise to "train" these dogs to do the tricky stuff without using too much pressure. And, we expect the dogs to run a couple of miles on the super long marks. Who has the kind of grounds for this type of training--mostly the pros. Can anyone name someone besides Lee Jolley who doesn't use a pro--and I mean completely amateur-trained from puppy to AA stake dog AND HAS REGULAR SUCCESS WITH A COLORED RIBBON? Examples of using a pro: the dog that won the Amateur in one of the last trials before the break trained with a pro for 2-3 weeks prior, and so did the Amateur/dog that won the Open. I am not taking anything away from either of these excellent amateur trainers/handlers. They did a great job at those trials.
    Ann, I believe Jim Pickering fits that description with his current FC/AFC Willie and past AFC's.
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