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Thread: Aggression during FF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Marshall View Post
    I agree and have already made the statement. So let me throw a little mind grenade at you. There was no mention that the dog in question had ever had an aggressive response before. The dog has been through obedience, been fed every day, and no doubt encountered countless things that he possibly found uncomfortable in his lifetime, yet, as soon as the dogs ear is pinched and he takes a nip he is aggressive? I think not. It is painfully obvious that in this situation the dog is not familiar enough with pressure and reacts accordingly.
    I doubt if it is the not being familiar with pressure..
    " Quote Originally Posted by Tony Marshall View Post
    I also am a believer that if a choke chain, pinch collar, or heeling stick were used, the dog has already been introduced to the concept of pressure and the transition is not too much to handle. I have found that if done this way that the dogs have less of an adverse reaction to pressure during FF. I believe that a lot of people get into trouble going from no pressure to a high level during force fetch over night.

    Tony, like I said previously I understand the concept of CC'ing before FF...I am not talking ( writing ) about that..I'm concerned with the OP ..The trainer getting bitten during FF and the term " is this dog aggressive "...

    I believe the bite response was triggered by too much pressure and would have even if the dog had been CC before the FF began... Most dogs have a threshold that if you cross it with pressure ( physical ) they will usually flight or fight...Part of the key in the FF process is not to cross this line when applying an ear pinch or toe hitch ...In the OP the words " apply a little pressure and watch out " is used ...My concern in not being there is how much is little..? I have never had a dog to get violent with just a "little pressure"...The term an aggressive dog always seems to center around a given issue..Some are territorial , food or toy possessive ...So can we describe this dog as aggressive if it tries to bite in a given situation..? Over all behavior of this dog is not aggressive in all or many different situations but in this one it becomes aggressive... That was the concern in the OP ,NOT getting bitten doing the FF potion of the program...As I stated before " you can put pressure on but can't take it off"...If help is available and willing to work through and evaluate the dogs reactions, go for it ...The OP will learn a lot from this incident ....In my opinion no dog is worth getting bitten by to train it... Steve S
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