With all the diversions and scandals happening....
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Thread: With all the diversions and scandals happening....

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    Default With all the diversions and scandals happening....

    ...might want to focus on an area you can have some input into. Just because the gun control creeps in the Senate were pushed back in April, with the overturn of S649, doesn't mean they are slinking into the shadows. After that sham of a bill in Connecticut, that will do nothing for your kids safety, (You aren't planning to move to Connecticut any time soon are you? Better get a copy of that 338-page of legislation, that was drafted in almost total secrecy. You may want to change your plans.) but it will remove a lot of your liberty in that state. And to think we were worried about Colorado and the Gooser. ANY gunowner in Connecticut has been cut off at the knees. But I'm not sure there are any conservatives in that state...probably just some gun-owning Democrats that think their ox will be spared by the messiah and his regime.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Time to take a stand. This is a full fledged fight for freedom. Get with it!


    Dear Guns & Patriots reader,
    Monday, I was given access to a private briefing by Thomas M. Countryman, the assistant secretary of state for International Security and Nonproliferation. He was meeting with Washington-based international law attorneys about the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty.

    Countryman is a career diplomat and the man pushing for President Barack Obama to sign the treaty. Already 72 countries have signed the treaty and when the president does it will be a big deal.

    I can tell you, the legal community in Washington is thrilled that Obama is working the treaty. There is no skepticism of the United Nations and no one seems worried about chipping away at the Second Amendment. I knew it going in, but to hear it really had an effect on me.

    Right now, I am convinced the White House is counting on another spree shooter. Given the chance, the administration will whip the country into a gun-panic and sign the treaty. Once it is signed, its principles will be incorporated into executive orders and regulation. The ratification in the Senate will not be until the lame duck session of Congress between the November 2014 election and the new Congress in January 2015.

    Elsewhere in Washington, there are great movements afoot in Washington. A summer that was looking to be one of scandal and retreat for President Barack Obama has been flipped. Three weeks ago, all the talk was IRS-Benghazi-AP. Now, all the chatter is about an NSA surveillance program that not only everyone knew about already, but we have the pleasure of watching Republican leaders fall over themselves to help the president.

    Think about it: The only issue where young voters get angry with Obama and the GOP leaders rush in to defend the president and the program. Priceless.

    Meanwhile, by the end of July, the Republicans will hand Democrats big victories on a morbidly obese farm and food stamps bill and amnesty-welfare-citizenship for illegal aliens. Yet, all the headlines will be about Edward Snowden and the NSA.

    There are still conservatives fighting the good fight on Capitol Hill, but as always, their toughest opponents are the Republican leaders, not the Democrats.

    Meanwhile, this week's roster is full of never-surrender spirit!


    Neil W. McCabe
    Editor, Guns & Patriots
    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    Here's a personal request for you to get involved. UB

    Below please find a special message from one of our advertisers, National Association for Guns Rights. From time to time we find special opportunities we believe you as a valued customer may want to see. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and representations of our advertiser alone, and not necessarily the opinion or editorial positions of RedState.com or Eagle Publishing.

    Dear fellow Patriot:

    Gun-grabbers around the globe believe they have it made.

    The U.N. is finally done with its dirty work finalizing the details of the U.N.'s so-called "Small Arms Treaty."

    With the full backing of the Obama administration for this outrageous anti-gun scheme, you and I could be headed for a Senate ratification showdown on the U.N.'s "Small Arms Treaty" in a matter of weeks.

    So if you and I are going to beat this Treaty, we simply must fight back NOW before it's too late.

    I'm doing everything I can to help expose the TRUTH about this radical scheme -- just like I did when I fought President Bill Clinton's anti-gun assaults in the 1990s.

    But today I'm asking you to join me by taking a public stand against the U.N. "Small Arms Treaty" and sign the Official Firearms Sovereignty Survey right away.

    You see, after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut -- and with anti-gun hysteria in the national media still out of control -- there's no doubt President Obama and his anti-gun pals believe the timing has never been better to ram through the U.N.'s global gun control crown jewel.

    I don't know about you, but watching gun-grabbers plot against our Constitution makes me sick.

    Sold as a Treaty to combat international terrorism, piracy, and organized crime, the reality is something much different and FAR more sinister.

    In fact, it's hard to imagine how our Second Amendment could possibly survive this assault after reading through the horrific details of the Treaty, including:
    *** Requiring the United States to mandate licenses for gun and ammo sales, and perhaps even bans on certain types of firearms; This could include anything from semi-auto rifles to shotguns to handguns!
    *** Mandating a new INTERNATIONAL gun registry; The registry must include "the quantity, value, model/type, authorized international transfers of conventional arms" and the identity of the "end user."
    *** Access for foreign governments to AMERICAN firearms records. Not only would our federal government and international bureaucrats have access to these records, but so would anti-gun foreign leaders and potentially hostile countries around the globe!
    As bad as all this is, it will only be the first step.

    Registration is the first step toward outright CONFISCATION. And this Treaty sets the stage for confiscation on a GLOBAL scale.

    Ever since its founding 65 years ago, the U.N. has been hell-bent on bringing the U.S. to its knees.

    To the petty dictators and one-world socialists who control the U.N., the United States of America isn't a "shining city on a hill" -- it's an affront to their grand designs for the globe.

    These anti-gun globalists know that as long as Americans remain free to make our own decisions without being bossed around by big government bureaucrats, they'll NEVER be able to seize the worldwide power they crave.

    And the U.N.'s apologists also know the most effective way to wreck our freedom would be to DESTROY our gun rights.

    That's why I was so excited to see the National Association for Gun Rights leading the fight to stop the U.N.'s so-called "Small Arms Treaty!"

    But the truth is, NAGR depends on the action and support of good folks like you for their effectiveness.
    Thanks to the help of good folks like you, the National Association for Gun Rights has taken the lead role in Washington, D.C. beating back the gun-grabbers' schemes.

    But the stakes couldn't be higher with the U.N.'s "Small Arms Treaty." So there's no time to waste.

    After all, the last thing the gun-grabbers at the U.N. and in Washington, D.C. want is for you and me to have time to mobilize gun owners to defeat this radical agenda.

    They've made that mistake before, and we've made them pay, defeating EVERY attempt to ram the U.N.'s "Small Arms Treaty" into law since the mid-1990s.

    Already, parts of the U.N.'s radical agenda are slipping through covertly.

    In fact, Obama's State Department even bragged that Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious are implementations of the U.N.'s anti-gun agenda!

    Then, just months ago, you and I saw President Obama issue a flurry of anti-gun executive orders in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy targeting law-abiding gun owners.

    And once President Obama decides the time is ripe to submit the Treaty, this fight is going to move FAST.

    So if you and I are going to defeat the gun-grabbers, we have to turn the heat up on Congress right now before it's too late!

    1. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment are the supreme law of the land?
    2. Do you believe any attempt by the United Nations to subvert or supersede your Constitutional rights must be opposed?

    If you said "Yes!" to these questions, please sign the survey the National Association for Gun Rights has prepared for you.

    But I hope you'll do more than just sign your survey today.
    With your help, the National Association for Gun Rights will continue to turn up the heat on targeted Senators who are working to implement the U.N.'s "Small Arms Treaty."

    Of course, a program of this scale is only possible if the National Association for Gun Rights can raise the money.

    So along with your survey, please agree to make a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or even just $35.

    Every dollar counts in this fight, so even if you can only chip in $10 or $20, it will make a difference.

    Thank you in advance for your time and money devoted to defending our Second Amendment rights.

    For Freedom,

    The Hon. Steve Stockman
    U.S. Congressman (R-TX)

    P.S. You and I could be facing a Senate ratification fight over the U.N.'s "Small Arms Treaty" in a matter of weeks.
    If we're going to defeat the U.N. "Small Arms Treaty," gun owners have to turn the heat up now before it's too late!
    Please return your Firearms Sovereignty Survey and put yourself squarely on the record AGAINST the UN "Small Arms Treaty."

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    FYI! This may be an old set of stats, but just for S & G...it has a way of provinmg a point...especially since all these countries are so well bedded in the UN, and are anxious for the US to follow in their footsteps.

    The only country I'm in favor of following is Switzerland.



    From the World Health Organization:

    The latest Murder Statistics for the world:

    Murders per 100,000 citizens.

    Honduras 91.6

    El Salvador 69.2

    Cote d'lvoire 56.9

    Jamaica 52.2

    Venezuela 45.1

    Belize 41.4

    US Virgin Islands 39.2

    Guatemala 38.5

    Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2

    Zambia 38.0

    Uganda 36.3

    Malawi 36.0

    Lesotho 35.2

    Trinidad and Tobago 35.2

    Colombia 33.4

    South Africa 31.8

    Congo 30.8

    Central African Republic 29.3

    Bahamas 27.4

    Puerto Rico 26.2

    Saint Lucia 25.2

    Dominican Republic 25.0

    Tanzania 24.5

    Sudan 24.2

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9

    Ethiopia 22.5

    Guinea 22.5

    Dominica 22.1

    Burundi 21.7

    Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7

    Panama 21.6

    Brazil 21.0

    Equatorial Guinea 20.7

    Guinea-Bissau 20.2

    Kenya 20.1

    Kyrgyzstan 20.1

    Cameroon 19.7

    Montserrat 19.7

    Greenland 19.2

    Angola 19.0

    Guyana 18.6

    Burkina Faso 18.0

    Eritrea 17.8

    Namibia 17.2

    Rwanda 17.1

    Mexico 16.9

    Chad 15.8

    Ghana 15.7

    Ecuador 15.2

    North Korea 15.2

    Benin 15.1

    Sierra Leone 14.9

    Mauritania 14.7

    Botswana 14.5

    Zimbabwe 14.3

    Gabon 13.8

    Nicaragua 13.6

    French Guiana 13.3

    Papua New Guinea 13.0

    Swaziland 12.9

    Bermuda 12.3

    Comoros 12.2

    Nigeria 12.2

    Cape Verde 11.6

    Grenada 11.5

    Paraguay 11.5

    Barbados 11.3

    Togo 10.9

    Gambia 10.8

    Peru 10.8

    Myanmar 10.2

    Russia 10.2

    Liberia 10.1

    Costa Rica 10.0

    Nauru 9.8

    Bolivia 8.9

    Mozambique 8.8

    Kazakhstan 8.8

    Senegal 8.7

    Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7

    Mongolia 8.7

    British Virgin Islands 8.6

    Cayman Islands 8.4

    Seychelles 8.3

    Madagascar 8.1

    Indonesia 8.1

    Mali 8.0

    Pakistan 7.8

    Moldova 7.5

    Kiribati 7.3

    Guadeloupe 7.0

    Haiti 6.9

    Timor-Leste 6.9

    Anguilla 6.8

    Antigua and Barbuda 6.8

    Lithuania 6.6

    Uruguay 5.9

    Philippines 5.4

    Ukraine 5.2

    Estonia 5.2

    Cuba 5.0

    Belarus 4.9

    Thailand 4.8

    Suriname .6

    Laos 4.6

    Georgia 4.3

    Martinique 4.2

    And ...................

    The United States4.2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL the countries (109) above America have 100% gun bans.

    It might be of interest to note that SWITZERLAND (not shown on this list) has 0.7/100KMURDER OCCURRENCE!

    However, SWITZERLAND'S law requires that EVERYONE....

    1. Own a Gun

    2. Maintain Marksmanqualifications regularly

    3. "Carry". . . . . . . . a Weapon.

    You never hear about this?

    I am not surprised.

    This does not advance the Liberals'Agenda.


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    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    The only country I care about is the United States of America. There are a few of her states I would make you a good deal on if it were up to me. I am so tired of seeing the values that most of us hold true to our everyday lives just being given away. Does anyone really see what being in the United Nations gets us. If I am correct we mostly just get the statement telling us what we will pay to further some other countries agendas! I will continue to be proud to be an American citizen but they sure make it difficult at times.
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    What make anyone think that a treaty can abrogate the 2nd Amendment?

    How can the President issue executive orders to support a treaty that hasn't been ratified?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Johnson View Post
    What make anyone think that a treaty can abrogate the 2nd Amendment?

    How can the President issue executive orders to support a treaty that hasn't been ratified?
    I don't know but it seems like they are doing a lot of things anymore that don't square up with the laws etc. of this country. We have a rogue government now.

    "To become competent in governing others, we must first learn to govern ourselves"
    Waite Phillips

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    Did someone mention similar stats recently ... and added that if one subtracted Chicago, Detroit, DC, and NYC from the US stats, the US would rank MUCH lower in murders.
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