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Thread: Hot weather training

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    Default Hot weather training

    I recently moved to Houston for a job and this is my first summer down here with my dog. Down here it never really cools down below 80 degrees and is almost always more than 50% humidity.

    We were working on double T and did about 5-8 retrieves. We called it quits and as we were walking back to the truck he appeared to loose coordination is his back legs. This scared the s*** out of me to say the least. I got him immediately home and hosed him down. Once cooled down everything was back to normal. I never want this to happen again and I am thinking of packing it in until it gets cooler outside which will not be until september. There are things I want to work with him on for the upcoming duck season obviously but it is not worth risking it. Is there anything I can do?

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    Those of us that have either lived or trained dogs in Texas dont train much during the summer, and if we do its at sun up...the hottest time of the day is usually 4pm-6pm. Its not worth losing a dog..if you have access to water, keep them in it,but anything more than a couple of retrieves is asking for trouble

    just as important as keeping them out of the heat is helping them to cool off on the drive home, a wet dog in a hot dog box in the back of a truck/SUV without some sort of cooling or evaporation is a disaster waiting to happen, and the humidity in Houston is second to none
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    Conditioning plays a huge part of training a dog down here in the summer months. I doubt September will be much different than August so you should find a training group with access to some deep water and start conditioning Ruger as soon as possible. Make sure you dry him off afterwards and stake out for final dry off. I use a synthetic chamy(sp) bought at the auto parts supply store 10 yrs ago. IMO, don't worry about D-T get single T down and move to S/B and taught water blinds;down the shore, channel,ect. in place of pattern blinds. Coming from Kansas I would also make sure all water is Lizard Free prior to starting your training day. Lizards are not just on the coast down here and heavy rains will push them further north than most realize. RTF is a great resource for new and old trainers, someone on the site has seen the problems you are sure to encounter so ask for help.

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    In this heat, less if more. I usually get out and work my labs either a little after first light or around 7:30 or so in the evening.

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    I don't have the humidity but our summer temps are 100+ many days. We are at our spot waiting for the sun to come up. I prefer to err on the safe side, so we still keep it short.

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    Be careful of the water in July and August unless it is very deep and/or spring fed. When it is bath water that is actually worse on the dogs.

    And you have about two hours to train at the crack of dawn.
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    I suspect more than heat caused the back in to go Has he been tested for eic. before the test was available one of my dogs went down just as you said and I thought heat so i dumped all the water on him I had. then it happened agaim but I found out about the eic test and had him tested and he came back affected. So at least check his sire and dam and see if they have been tested. If not I would check it out.
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    Run your T on a smaller scale. I know that a lot of training methods say about a hundred yards but they are not talking about the summer in Texas. I have a very high rate of success training dogs on the double T at about 40-50 yards then moving to BB or pattern blinds to extend their distance. I think you will find you can get through this successfully without overheating your dog.
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    Acclamation to the heat takes time..Keep sessions shorter than normal...I don't recommend keeping dogs in the house ( temp controlled and humidity )if you are going to train in the heat...Outside in the shade and sometimes a fan to move the air helps...As mentioned training in a pond with the water temp at 95 or so is not cooling to the dog..It is like wrapping them in a blanket...Dogs heat up after training just sitting in a crate, be sure there is ventilation, wet or dry...a small crate fan on the door sure helps...Steve S
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    It looks like you have gotten a lot of good advice. Shorter distances and fewer bumpers are what I do, as well as plenty of time to cool down between set-ups.

    I also strongly second the EIC possiblilty if your dog has not been tested. Your description of what happened sounds a lot like my first expierence with EIC when Peyton had her first episode. It scared the $hit out of me as well. it is too important not to know.

    Good luck,

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