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Good for Rep. Edwards!

Where are the brains of those who would support a boycott like this of an entire state? Who would be hurt most in the state of FL by a boycott of tourism? Those at the bottom of the economic ladder! How would that help anyone, not to mention the black population of FL. If failing economics would stimulate more unrest, that surely wouldn't help anyone either. It seems a purely emotional reaction with no thought of the real consequences.

Fortunately, I really don't think that Jesse Jackson can make much of a dent in the numbers of people who want to go to Disneyworld or any of FL's tourist attractions.

I just was reading an article about Al Sharpton. I did not recall that he fomented real violence in Crown Heights of Brooklyn back in 1991. The incident was Jewish driver who accidentally hit and killed a black child with his car. Sharpton fanned the flames to the point that a visiting Hasidic Jewish man was beaten to death by a violent mob that attacked him. In 1995, he incited similar violence that ended up with a member of a violent mob shooting & killing several people and burning down a business because they believed that the owner of that business was responsible for the eviction of a black store owner. If this man ever claims to be following the legacy of MLK, Jr (and I'm sure he has done so), it dishonors what King was able to accomplish. Rev. Al might more likely be channelling Attila, The Hun. When asked how he could afford his expensive suits, he said he didn't own them, he just "had access" to them. Interesting response!
What about the Tawanna Brawley incident?