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Thread: Shout out to Jennifer Henion

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    Default Shout out to Jennifer Henion

    I believe you are a member of Redwood Empire Retriever Club. I have just joined and would like to join someone's training group. I live in the Eureka area and the lady I spoke with on the phone said the group is small and not very many people are active. Any help in this area? I'm willing to travel also. Thank you

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    Yes, in fact our little group trained today up here in Crescent City. Two of the main members who live in Eureka traveled up to train with the two of us who live in CC.

    According to the Eureka members, there is a lot more training ground in Del Norte County, so when we train as a group we train up here.

    You are welcome to attend. Email me your contact info and we can let you know when we're getting together.
    My email is

    Just a heads up: we are holding a four day hunt test up here in CC in late August. We'd love your help as a volunteer!! It's a great learning experience. You can also run your dog at the same time.
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