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Thread: Cable or Sat TV, pick your channels

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    For $150. a month, I'll stick with Cox Cable for sevaral reasons. They offer viewing on a lot of LSU Sports on Cox Sports TV. Plus, the same network has a great lineup of Gulf Of Mexico fishing shows produced out of New Orleans. Not like those silly Outdoor Channel fishing shows where the Bass fishermen dress up like NASCAR drivers and fish Bass with 50lbs test! HBO offers a lot of good exclusive programming and I get all the other channels I like; Military Channel, Discovery International, NFL Network and a wide range of News programming. The there is ESPN's deal with the SEC which allows me to watch the best College Football in the land
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmylabs23139 View Post
    So whether you have cable or Satalite how many here think the consumer should be able to pick the channels they want to pay for? If I want cable I am forced to buy from only one company per law, that is a pile of garbage. same with DTV. I'm not going to SAT because been there done that when I had no choice (no cable on my street back then) and in bad weather( searching for SAT) .
    I'm tired of paying for a ton of shopping channels we never watch and not being able to vote with my money when channels dump or add something based on stupid politics.
    While I never watch the food network I pay for it not by choice. Right now I would love to dump it but there is no way to dump the channel and tell them to go yo know what. I still hae to pay for that. I can't even vote with my money!
    Luv, I completely agree with you and if you are vocal about it they will change. Just this last weekend I took the kids to the rodeo and the fool at the ticket window said I couldn't get my ticket reduced because I wouldn't be watching barrel racing, seriously barrel racing, they want me to pay to watch that crap, ridiculous, the Timberwolves game they made me pay to watch some mascot dunk the ball off a trampoline at half time so I bitched at the ticket guy on the way out that I was paying to watch basketball not a mascot, still nothing. Last year at the Circus I got stuck paying to see a guy juggle, I can do that myself, shouldn't have to pay extra for watching that and I'm still mad about that Charlie Daniels 8 track that I bought in 1976 with only 2 good songs on it, I believe that me writing him about that for the last thirty years has bought about the evolution of down loading music, so don't give up bitching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry Clinchy View Post
    I'm working on getting free "cable" by hooking my laptop up to my TV. Since I'm technologically challenged, this may take a while. With free Hulu or Rabbit TV ($10/year), you can then you can add Netflix if you want ... or just get movies a bit later free with other movie services. Almost every station offers free internet viewing ... hence the need for the laptop.

    I may have to spring for a flat screen (talk about primitive here ... my 20-year old Toshiba still has a great picture) to make it all come together. Savings on Dish will pay for the TV quickly.
    You will need to upgrade your tv and possibly laptop depending on its age with one that has a HDMI plug. Only way to do it.
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