I wanted to let you people know about the training & handling seminar being held July 5-7 at the same location where the 2013 National Amatuer was held just recently. You can sign up on Entry Express. Here is the brochure that was sent to BRC members.

JULY 5, 6, & 7, 2013
Attend a full, three-day Retriever Training and Handling Seminar with two
of the best retriever trainers in the Country! Pat Burns and Wayne Curtis
have more than 55 years of retriever training experience between them.
Pat and Wayne have trained thousands of dogs and helped title hundreds
of Field Champions and Amateur Field Champions. They have trained
dozens of National Field Champion and National Amateur Field Champion
finalists, including the 1998 NFC, and 2010, 2011, and 2012 NAFCs!
This Seminar will be a hands-on event, with 10 handler/dog teams working
under the tutelage of Pat and Wayne. Your handling skills and your dog’s
training will be evaluated and developed throughout the weekend. Pat and
Wayne will provide insightful discussions to improve both you and your dog.
Numerous setups will be run over the course of the weekend and there will be
a significant amount of time for questions and discussions. If you are
interested in watching and listening only, observer spots are also available.
Lunch will be provided each day and there will be a Saturday night dinner, so
there will be plenty of opportunities to socialize with the other attendees, Pat,
and Wayne.
This event is for all levels of trained dogs (must be force-fetched, collarconditioned,
and retrieving birds) regardless of competition venue. Whether
you’re running Hunting Tests or Field Trials, handling a Junior Hunter or a
National Finalist, you will receive great benefit from attending this Seminar as
either a handler or an observer. Training and candid discussion will focus on
the handlers and dogs attending, so expect that a wide variety of topics,
problems, and skill-sets will be addressed.
Questions? Contact Lance Hughey (608) 386-9762 or lance@fourleaflabs.com.