Immigration Flaws
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Thread: Immigration Flaws

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    Default Immigration Flaws

    Maybe we really don't have 11 million illegals ... maybe we just have 11 million ID #s?

    Even as the scandals surrounding the Internal Revenue Service mount, now comes word that the taxing agency sent nearly $50 million dollars in “tax refunds” to “unauthorized” aliens in 2011. Worse, this $50 Million all went to the same address in Atlanta.

    A recent review by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that a whopping $46,378,040 in “tax refunds” were sent to 23,994 different names who were amazingly all supposed to be living at the same address in Atlanta, Georgia.
    But Atlanta wasn’t the only place where these “unauthorized aliens” supposedly lived. Millions of dollars in refunds also went to addresses in California, North Carolina, Florida and other states.
    So, just what is an “unauthorized alien”?
    Well, the IRS issues these Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to two types of non-resident aliens. One is non-resident aliens that have no tax liability and the second is aliens living in the US who are “not authorized to work in the United States.”

    But these numbers are still used by illegals to get work in the US even though they aren’t supposed to be used in such a way. This is a long-known fault in the system. Even as far back as October of 1999 the government reported on the abuse of these ID numbers.

    IRS whistleblowers have raised the alarm on the practice of issuing these ID numbers noting that the numbers are issued with little to no oversight or verification.

    The TIGTA report verifies that claim.

    The IRS, for instance, issued ID numbers to 15,796 “people” all registered to a single Atlanta address. Also revealed were 6,411 ID numbers registered to one North Carolina address, 16,681 to another NC address, 15,028 to a single Texas address, and 10,356 to a New Jersey address. This is likely just scratching the surface of such abuse.
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    Here is the snopes page. It gets worse the more that you read!

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