Sit-nick-sit and sit-nick(hillmann)
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Thread: Sit-nick-sit and sit-nick(hillmann)

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    Default Sit-nick-sit and sit-nick(hillmann)

    I've noticed in the puppy DVD and traffic cop that it seems hillmann uses both sequences, sit-nick-sit and sit/nick simultaneously.

    Am I correct to assume that I would use the S-n-S when the pup is in the act of sitting? For example, walking at heel, I would say sit and then when the dog is in the act of sitting, nick, and then when the dog completes the sit, say sit?

    The reinforcement sit simutenous with the nick is when the dog is already sitting?

    Just wanted to clarify. FYI, pup is 5 months, doing great, tons of desire to retrieve and is sitting very well and overall has been a great puppy. I plan to continue ala hillmann into his fetch DVD and basics.

    Thank you. I know the sit-nick-sit has been debated but wasn't able to find any old posts about sit with a nick simultaneously.

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    Here is a pic.
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    I am not familiar with the Hillman stuff, but I use sit-nick-sit when teaching a behavior. The idea, at least for me, is you give the command (sit), reinforce (nick), and confirm why the reinforcement was used (sit). I think of the last sit as a reminder for the dog as to why pressure was applied. At this point you are teaching what you expect
    Once a dog has fully grasp the concept I will use sit and simultaneously because the dog knows at that point why I am adding pressure. At this point it is reinforcing what you have taught and correcting for incorrect behavior. If you still use sit-nick-sit no worries, I don't think it matters.
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    It's the timing of the nick that matters. Whether or not you repeat is optional based on the theory behind the training.
    Darrin Greene

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    The first nick should come as he begins to sit. So say sit as he begins to sit give him a nick and then say sit again. You continue to nick and say sit as he is sitting as reinforcement. These nicks are supposed to be barely perceptible to the dog.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me.

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    IIRC, the second command in the "sandwich" (the second "sit" in the OP's example) is to promote stability in the dog after the pressure is applied.
    Steve Wyatt

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    Thanks guys. Sounds like I understood it the same way and more importantly using it the same way.

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    What are most folks using as a setting on their tritronics? I am on low 2. I can feel it but my wife can't.

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    someone else can chime in with the exact web links but did you know Mr Hillman overs help, tips, and video critiques online?
    Might be on Tammy's Find Retrievers site somewhere if I recall correctly.
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    Yeah I have checked it out. Really no life over there but some good videos and past posts.

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