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Thread: Ants

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2labs View Post
    Where do you find Fipronil? Is this a prescription from the Goverment or a home depot, lowes purchase?
    Google search "Regent" or "Taurus"...its what golf courses use to treat for ants...but I'm also with mike, pour a slab.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dalelong View Post
    I use Home Defense from Lowe's. Comes in a gallon jug with a pump spray nozzle. Works great.
    Home defense or soap and water
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeOverby View Post
    Google search "Regent" or "Taurus"...its what golf courses use to treat for ants...but I'm also with mike, pour a slab.

    Fipronil is the active ingredient in Frontline. One ounce of Regent, if watered in within 24 hours will give you one year of control on fireants. That said, in shaded spots its been two years and still no stinking ants. If I could only do that for gnats mosquitos and gators..........
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    If her belly doesn't start to look better, you may need to go in and get her an antibiotic such as cephalexin.

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