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Thread: TriTronics Repair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul "Happy" Gilmore View Post
    The thread the other day worried me a little. Seems TT products have a long history of being pretty "heavy duty". I like buying stuff which I consider "Overbuilt" and repairable. Everything is disposable now and I don't like it. The trade in for the G3 seems like a really good deal and I'll likely utilize it in the future. I just don't like things which are meant to be thrown away and can't be fixed. Maybe it's just part of the new corporate changes which you have to expect are happening with the Garmin purchase of TT? I see from the website that there are already Garmin labeled products. Just seems funny because TT is really legendary. I can't imagine re-branding a product sold to such a niche industry like us dog folks. Similar to all the arguments about which training program, which venue you run and defend etc. Few find themselves switching from one to the other very often. Seems to be the nature of our doggy-peoples brains. One would think a marketing guru would know this and not likely make changes based upon observed habits of their target groups. Oh- well, just rambling off topic. Garmin obviously knows what they are doing and I'll probably have something branded Garmin in my hand within a couple years.
    Sad really. Tri Tronics is a legend and seeing the Garmin name on collars doesn't make sense to me. I am a huge fan of TT and hope they remain the same quality product that everyone has come to expect. I understand companies are in business to make money, I just hope profit does not come at the expense of the product quality. Rebranding IMHO is not a good idea. Kind of like rebranding Ruth's Chris as Sizzler. I just wonder if Garmin see it that way or if they think their name is bigger and better than TT. Maybe in general recognition it is, but in the dog world TT is about as recognizable as it gets.
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