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Thread: The Paula Deen Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntinman;1121739[B
    ]I think Obama just tells the public what he thinks he needs to say at the time.[/B].. And when he thinks its time to say something different (whether he believes it or not), he does. This is the man who voted present his entire (such as it was) state political career. He knows what he wants and believes... He just doesn't want us to know... till its to late.
    Every politician does that ,he just knows he can do it openly and most of his sheeple will not catch on.

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    The American Press....they build'em Up and then tear'em down.....The only ones that will win hear are lawyers and media. If any of you (e.g. Gerry Clinchy) have not said things you regret in that last thirty years, then you can cast the first stone.....does any clear thinking individual think using the 'n' word is any worse than the many racial slurs that are used for Italians, Irish, Jewish, etc. etc....the only difference is that our media and black activists have somehow made it worse...for my money they are all on the same level of racial bigotry.

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