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Thread: Immigration reform or more backroom BS ??????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick lids View Post
    Given the fact that the US birth rate has dropped to a level that makes our current population level unsustainable, maybe we should consider leaving the boarders open if we want to remain a superpower.
    The birth rate has nothing to do with it. Increased leeches does not help anything! Someone jumps the border then squats and plops out a bunch of leeching spawn that makes it worse!
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    I always wondered how it turned out that Obama "deported" more illegals than other administrations. It appears that those figures are what might be called "cooking the books" ... counting things differently than they had been counted before.

    But Republican critics have argued those deportation numbers are artificially inflated because more than half of those being deported were new arrivals, caught at the border by the U.S. Border Patrol. Previous administrations primarily counted only those caught in the interior of the U.S. by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Read more:
    Mr. Johnson said they are prioritizing those they think deserve deportation. In the past, illegal immigrants from Mexico who had just illegally crossed the border would often times be returned, only to try again almost immediately. Now, many of them are put into full deportation proceedings.

    I wonder if it costs a whole lot more to do the full deportation proceedings than just turning back these numbers at the border, as was previously done?

    Even some Ds feel that they need better info, even though their goal may be different from those opposing expanded immigration ...
    “Better information may not be the way to reach consensus on every question of border and immigration enforcement policy, but it would help us. It would elevate the discussion to one based on empirical evidence and agreed-upon data,” said Rep. David Price, North Carolina Democrat.
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    Nothing new here just eating "pork" and swapping w/other politcos when they need their "pork." CT needs military spending via Sikorsky/Groton/New London/Pratt@Whitney and other assorted mftrs. At the same time we hear about Newtown and the need for Orwellian gun control for CT residents. Do they do anything regarding mental cases -No! It is no better in neighboring MA w/Raytheon/Smith@Wesson and all kinds of "skunk tanks" doing gov't "research." Kennedy was two-faced as well as his successors - go after the 2nd Ammendment but keep that pork going for hi-tech etc. Sorry but I hate hypocrites.

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