your thoughts on dog toys with retrievers
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Thread: your thoughts on dog toys with retrievers

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    Default your thoughts on dog toys with retrievers

    I know alot of trainers that keep their dogs in a out side kennel do not give toys to their pups in the thought that training is their fun time. For the people who keep their dogs inside what are your feelings on this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coonsmen View Post
    I know alot of trainers that keep their dogs in a out side kennel do not give toys to their pups in the thought that training is their fun time. For the people who keep their dogs inside what are your feelings on this.
    Pups like to chew. I'd rather give them something that I want them to chew than to come up with their own target.
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    The lab motto is "seek and destroy". My house is only standing because of nyla bones. I was at a field trial at the Open and saw a very well known trainer give an FC a sock to toss around after he had run that series.
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    Nylabones, Kongs, thick chew ropes, we keep a big pile of stuff. Our dogs are also kenneled, we rotate toys between the house and kennel. I can teach an 8 week old puppy to "kennel" with a dog food filled Kong in an heart beat! Puppies to 10 year old dogs love the Nylabones. We sometimes have smoked knuckle bones and they'll last for months once everyone gets kind of bored with them. If the pups pick up an "unapproved item", we quickly switch it out with something "approved" for doggers.

    No TENNIS BALLS at our house or anything used for retrieveing is a toy.
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    All my dogs have inside toys and bones.
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    My Pirate pup thinks the wife’s Cairn Terrier is a squeakytoy. We keep a toy box in the family room that they all use regularly.

    Toys R US regards

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    Things to 'chew' are not a toy (imo) , they are things to chew!..So mine get a thing to chew occasionally but not always !..It keeps them amused and help keep their teeth healthy and 'blunt'!...It also helps saliva stimulation and sure keeps the stools right!?

    Toys are the same with a 'Kid' - they should be interactive' and only used together (dog and handler) otherwise they are not a toy! but a chew!..some have a Toy (perceived as such by human) that the dog will not 'chew' - Had a 'Collie' that had such a comforter'! - but that's a different thread all together!..and nothing to do with Toy's!
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    My dog has her own toy bin. Not big put keeps them off the floor, when she will keep them in there. She loves toys and keeps her busy. We have pull ropes, stuffless animals. NO TENNIS BALLS. She drops them on our lab to throw and makes a mess.

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    No toys!?!? My dogs have toy boxes with balls, ropes, stuffing free fuzzy things, de-stuffed fuzzy things, kongs, socks with tennis balls stuffed in them, the husbands favorite crocs, interactive treat dispencer toys(what a joke), tiny tennis balls and various items that resemble the husbands lost possessions. Somehow my dogs manage to tell the difference between toys and birds/bumpers in the field.

    I have a friend whose puppies favorite toy was part of a gutter down spout.

    Do not ask me about the demise of my comforter and pillows.......someone in the house has a stuffing fetish.

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    My FC has access to the same toy box the rest of the dogs do. A stuffing fetish doesn't begin to describe the death zone of toys sometimes, though! Looks like a pack of wolves killed a bunch of stuffed sheep. Carson had toys since the day he come home at 8 weeks.

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