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Thread: Rescued Lab...Need some tips!

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    Thanks again ,beautiful rescue. Along with all the above info ,maybe try to get a live pigeon and shackle it.

    I had a friends dog for awhile a couple years back and I had to go all the way down to a kids light up ball in the house to find the "chase" in her and built from there.


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    Handsome boy! Thanks for giving him a chance!

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    Re Homing or Taking a Rescue Dog.
    It’s not any easy decision, in fact much more complicated than deciding to get a new puppy.
    The vast amount of rescue and re-homing centres around the country would suggest that this less complicated decision about getting a new puppy should probably take more thought?
    Without the great work that these people in rescue and re-homing do mostly voluntarily, and with little or sometimes no funding is admirable and without that structure in place, many very good dogs would not be with us today. These organisations are not only to relocate a rescue dog they are also a support and information service, and in many situations offer advice , direction and alternatives to existing owners without the dog being re-homed.
    There are many factors to be considered when a dog is placed in rescue or offered for re homing, much the same way as a child would be in the adoption process which is far more complicated than a planned or even un-planned new born baby in the stable family home.
    Deciding on a dog to be used in the shooting field requires even further consideration and not all are equipped or in a position to fulfil the necessary requirements. This can be even further complicated if the dog has developed certain issues in its previous environments, however the rewards when accomplished are immense.
    We have two cockers within our pack, one of which is a Rescue dog, and the other is a Re-home who have become a ‘challenging pleasure’
    You may wish for many things for the rescue dog that you have and all said and done everyone wishes you well.
    One Shooter One Spaniel One Retriever

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    As others have already said Thank You for what are doing.

    I am on Shawn's page. While this dog may not be a puppy in size it may have a puppy brain and you may need to get real creative to the prey drive to kick in.
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    Back when I was a single-dog family, I used to foster for a local rescue. One of the dogs I fostered was a 9 month old YLM named Max. Even though Max was fairly young, he'd spent a lot of time in the shelter before being transported up to Minneapolis and the rescue I worked with. He had no idea what toys were and displayed no prey drive the first few weeks I had him. I'd stake him out while I worked with my own dog, but he never seemed interested in what we were doing. I tried a lot of different things with him, but nothing seemed to click. One day, I was playing around after training, throwing fun bumpers for my dog into a little pond. I was using Dokken DFTs, Rocky was super amped up and I was having a great time. Suddenly I realized that Max was going crazy on the stake-out every time I threw the DFT. (He'd shown no interest in them before.) I let him loose and threw another one into the pond. Both he and Rocky launched after it. I don't remember who won the race, but after that, he was a retrieving machine. I placed him into a hunting home a short time later. In Max's case, it was the excitement of the moment that triggered the prey drive.

    It's hard to predict what will trigger it in your dog. The best advice I can give is keep an open mind and keep it fun and don't be afraid to try different things. If the prey drive is there, it will surface.
    Sonia Liedman

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    You are a good family to give this beautiful dog a home!! A loving family and TIME will allow a lot of good changes in his personality. I am betting you won't believe how far he comes in another month, and a year from now you won't believe he is the same dog. We bought a washout lab almost 20-years ago now--for a pet and hunting dog. He had had a lot of pressure and was pretty burned out. First two weeks we had him, he didn't move without being asked and his personality was a big zero. After a few weeks, one day he took off running around the yard, cutting trees and jumping over things. Where did this dog come from!? People who met him when we first got him, and then saw him again in a year couldn't believe the change. Two years, and he was almost breaking at the NAHRA tests. Loved him to age 14 1/2, spoiled him rotten, and had a great time learning from him. Breaks my heart to think where your dog has been, and to know there are many other animals in similar situations. Good luck! Once he knows he can trust you, he will come out of his shell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HiRollerlabs View Post
    You are a good family to give this beautiful dog a home!! A loving family and TIME will allow a lot of good changes in his personality. I am betting you won't believe how far he comes in another month, and a year from now you won't believe he is the same dog. Breaks my heart to think where he has been, and to know there are many other animals in similar situations. Good luck!
    What Ann said, he is /trust, can sometimes work miracles.
    Takes time to build that.

    Even if he never is a great field dog, doesn't mean, not one little bit...he can't be a great dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Copperton Guy View Post
    Hopefully this picture works a little better! Still practicing with the forum!

    Attachment 14016
    This picture alone says everything. You can see it in his eyes he thinks he is in heaven looks very "happy" relaxed like he knows he is with good people.
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    What a beautiful dog!

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    There is no love like the love from a rescued dog.

    Good for you and lucky for him.
    John Lash

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