Diving ducks- best way to train?
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Thread: Diving ducks- best way to train?

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    Default Diving ducks- best way to train?

    Hi All,

    I was wondering what everyone did to train for crippled/diving ducks on the water. I know that there is a Dokken diving model... any thoughts on this?

    Any other techniques?

    Thank you in advance for all your responses!

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    Nuthin', I say Nuthin' like a duckhunter thinking about ducks in July!

    Don't know about the Dokkens' but what we do is take a 10lb mushroom anchor and drop it with some line run through it tied on one end to a bird, (duck), and the other end back to shore. Thrower on adjacent shore blows the duckcall, fires a gunshot like any other mark and you pull the bird under as the dog gets almost to it. Keep it under untill the dog seemingly wants to leave that AOF then let it float back up.

    Cast the dog back.
    Have it underwater so that the dog can be successful, but successful only until it makes an honest effort, (by sticking his head under), and picks it up.
    You need plenty of small dia. line.
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    Accidentally trained for this with a shackled duck on water. It was awesome to watch my girl go after that duck!
    Jeannie Greenlee

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    Shackle the wings of a duck with a loose zip tie, and let the chase begin, they can swim, dive, and flap the wings, but not fly.
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    Case of shells and a clay range ?
    Or just let em work closer.....
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    I run unshackled ducks on my young pups and big dogs. Never felt the need to shackle one I guess. I do pull the first 6-7 primaries on one wing so they can't get airborn. Start on land and work in steps to blind search on the water. The duck will do the rest. I will shoot a duck if the pup can't catch it but it needs to be a long chase, like 20 - 30 minutes before I step in. Don

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    Is there a way to teach a dog to dive or is just something some dogs do ?

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    Not something I train for (personally) maybe I should?- I don't believe you can teach experience so I've usually just went out shooting. I try my best to kill the bird ,but It's inevitable your gonna get one that is a diver or a cripple. It can be confusing and awkward for a young dog,and some times other issues come from it,if it happens?
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    I work with mine in the pool and out in the bay. will pull it under and tell um fetch. This has worked for me. This past season my yellow got to do some guided hunts. She worked a wounded bird for 20-30 min diving completly under. It was cool to watch the 13 guys going crazy over seeing it.

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