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Thread: Ok.....so just how BIG is the retriever games community?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate_C View Post
    I wonder how many people have entered a dog in a Amateur or Open in the last year. I bet it is less then 1,000 people. Hunt tests both in the HRC and AKC seem to be doing better. I am that 30 something target demo and to me FT just seems so inaccessible. I ran in some derbies and Quals other guys like me. Even got my dog QAA. I ran one Am but now I am likely done with FT except for the odd one here or there. Just don't have the resources to be competitive.

    I wonder if field trials are in trouble or if that is the way it has always been. That there will be just enough people making the leap as they get wealthier or older to keep it going.
    I think the folks at Retriever News have done some analysis and maybe Master National folks too. EE doesn't keep data like you would want to see it to analysis avg participation by handler. I should note, however, that entries at EE have grown each year since 2008. Some of that would include the Retriever News entry system (7% of the total in 2010) that was discontinued with the acquisition of EE but entries have continued to increase both in FTs and HTs.
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    Shane crushed some numbers for me a couple of years ago. Back when he still had EE. I was surprised that FT seperate owner entries that year were just under 3K. The pimple is small and the rear large.
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