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Thread: RTF-An observation & A Suggestion

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    Default RTF-An observation & A Suggestion

    I took a job assignment requiring me to be in the N British Isles for a year. As a result I have been too busy for internet forums, and haven't visited RTF for months
    I came back to the U.S. a few weeks ago due to the death of a close friends dear mother. I have spent a lot of time on the internet in this time; much of that time spent on RTF
    I mostly participate as an observer on the main forum as I don't feel I have the training chops to be of much use. The majority of my posting is done on the sub forum, or septic tank, known as POTUS

    My observation is that in the 6 months I've been away POTUS & RTF has lost its edge, and sadly and more importantly that the main forum has lost much of it's expertise.
    Best I can figure the reason for many wise experienced posters leaving is due to banning of some and indifference of the others.
    The indifference to me is understandable, as I already stated that I felt RTF has lost much of its edge and expertise.

    A few years ago training questions were debated & answered by accomplished Amateurs such as Jim Pickering, Captain Jack and competition pros like Christie Wilder and Angie Becker. Health and breeding questions were answered by knowledgeable experienced experts such as Erinsedge or Melanie Foster
    The banning is an unknown mystery for me in that I don't know the reasons for the banning Only those banned and the janitor {and possibly a man & woman from Wisconsin} would be privy to those facts.
    I was somewhat surprised at the results of the recent Amnesty poll, where the majority voted "NO" on amnesty

    My surprise stems from the fact that I don't understand the usefulness of censorship; which is in effect what the banning results in. It's the internet folks!! What is said on here really can't harm you Grow a thicker skin folks. To me it would be worth it to read 20 insulting or frivolous comments from any of the six ex posters listed above for the possibility of finding that helpful tip that could help me to solve a problem in my training or possibly enhance the health or well being of my pet.

    Ask yourselves if you feel that RTF is a better or worse resource without the input of the 6 ex posters referred to; as well as the numerous others who have been banned or quit posting due to indifference. I would argue that the major asset of a resource like RTF is the collective wisdom of its participants; without that you have nothing. However Im aware it is the janitors asset to do with it as he pleases. If the banned don't like it they can either grovel for forgiveness or create a better mousetrap

    In my time off I have randomly checked the credentials of posters on recent threads and compared them to posters on some older threads. The difference was substantial. Nature abhors a vacuum, so without the input of the old experts you have some wannabes with a SR Hunter or couple of Jr passes offering up their solutions. There have been recent threads about supposed solutions to problems at the line; simple research reveals that the poster is still not having success while muddling around in middle or lower level Hunt Tests This wouldn't have happened & would have been exposed on the old RTF
    IMO the resource is markedly diminished due to the absence of these folks. Apparently the rationale for banning is to promote a more peanutty atmosphere. If you look at the recent abuse heaped on Jennifer Henion by some on a thread dealing with a humorous youtube video of a guy yelling at his out of control dog and TooTalls less than peanutty treatment in the LeanMac thread I would say it appears that the peanut rule can be randomly applied, depending on who is involved. I sort of saw the need for both of those posters to get slapped around a bit, and would definitely not advocate any sanctions.
    Monday Ill be heading back across the big pond for a few months, hopefully upon my return RTF will have welcomed in some new and old wisdom.

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    have a nice trip

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    I'm not arguing with your point, just also making an observation.

    There still is a good number of experienced dog people that post on here often. If I have a question, I feel I'll get a decent answer from somebody, just have to sift through the replies and make my own decision about who is right. It may take a new member a little while to figure out who these people are, but they're out there.

    RTF is still a great site and I'm thankful to have the resource.

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    If some of those you mentioned were truly interested in helping rather than arguing a point i am pretty sure that some if them would be welcomed back. So really isn't it their choice not to particeapate. Knowledge is good but wisdom is better.
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    Captain Jack left on his own ( over dog food ) What a wast, I also liked Angie and Melanie. I little drama once in a while is just plain fun.


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    So you believe "slapping around" the ones you don't like is a good use of this forum? As mentioned, some of the "favorites" left on their own, one is not training dogs anymore, and some were just plain nasty. As you said, it's the Internet. Take what you can from it and move on. If the only comments appreciated are from a certain group the discussion will get pretty boring. Bon Voyage.
    Carol Howey
    Owned and handled by Cruisin' with Indiana Jones, JH
    Alternate Handler: Westwind Buffalo Soldier
    Apprentice Handler: Snake River Medicine Man, SH

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    How about letting Fred & PacLeader back?

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    what's that phrase or saying someone posted a few years ago? goes something like, In the beginning you know nothing and try to learn everything then, (at the most annoying stage) you think you know everything and share all of your knowledge. As you keep on going you finally realize you know almost nothing. By the time you know something worth sharing your probably due to retire....

    I think too many folks who post a lot anymore are in that (think you know everything) stage. The slap-downs were common not because of any dislike for a person but, to help them move forward. Slap downs often move the person on to the correct (realize you know nothing) stage.

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    Happens every summer, folks are out training their dogs. A lot more participation during the cold weather months.
    Bill Davis

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    Have a safe trip.

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