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Thread: Newbie Intro!! Hello RTF Community!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by btgrogan View Post
    Thanks for the invitation Gregg, we may join you when Ranger is ready. He will be 7 mo. old on the 22nd and has been with the pro for almost a month. I would rather not say who he is with with right now until the results are in.

    Do we know each other, Do you have a Ranger also?
    I don't think we know each other, all my dogs are listed on my signature.
    I have a good buddy who has a Ranger, Glen Guider.

    Hope your boy does well at the pro, be patient with both of them.
    Gregg Leonard

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    Hello! Nice to meet ya
    Alexander's Sweet Emma Jo
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    Quote Originally Posted by golfandhunter View Post
    I have a good buddy who has a Ranger, Glen Guider.
    I believe I met Glen and his wife at a FT here a few months back, very nice people. I believe they said they train in Grantville most weekends as well. Their Ranger also has the Bolo Pads like my pups.

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    Hi all!

    I am new to this forum. My name is Adles and I am 20 years old. I Love to make discussion with peoples and found this forum ever best. Hope to spend a good time with you all.

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