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Thread: Hunt Test Question

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    Default Hunt Test Question

    I think I know the answer to this question but I will put it out there anyway. Puppy with 3 Junior passes. Double junior, single senior test coming up. Sign puppy up for both days of the junior in case he fails day 1. But if he passes day 1 and has his Junior title, how do you run Senior the next day? I believe last time I had this situation I talked to the secretary of the club that had the test and they just moved him to senior the next day and took him out of Junior. Any info would be helpful.

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    Chapter 1, page 11, section 16, paragraph C.
    After entries have closed a dog may be moved up to the next level in a test in which it is entered when, according to
    the owner’s records, the dog has met the title requirements
    for the test level for which it was entered. Notification must
    be made to the Test Secretary at least one-half hour before
    the start of the event. The owner/handler of the dog will
    be required to pay any additional entry fee(s) necessary to
    participate in the higher test level.

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    I am sure weirder stuff has happened, but if the dog is ready for Senior I have a hard time seeing him fail a Junior. IF he really is ready for Senior, just go ahead and enter that instead of the 2nd junior. I was in the same spot a year ago and knew my dog was not ready for senior. So I just entered both Juniors and the club gave me back about half of my entry for the second one that I did not need. I thought that very generous, and I did not rush my pup.
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    On the first day, talk to your steward in Junior when she has a moment and let her know you're planning to move up to senior the next day IF you pass. She'll tell you who you need to talk to (the event secretary) maybe even point them out for you so you'll know who to look for. It'll also give her a heads up that if you're not at junior the next day you've probably moved up. Then make sure you find the person you need to talk to first thing in the morning on the second day to ensure they know you're moving up. Go to the senior stake and introduce yourself to the steward as the person who's moving up. You'll have to pay any increase in fee, and you'll probably run last Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    I am sure weirder stuff has happened, but if the dog is ready for Senior I have a hard time seeing him fail a Junior. IF he really is ready for Senior, just go ahead and enter that instead of the 2nd junior......
    strongly disagree!
    Always enter the extra test at level your at.
    Dogs will be dogs. It happens a lot.
    Even if the dawg is all set, the test could fail YOU!
    Carol, your story of, was it last summer?
    When Indy was set to win a field trial and the judges pop up canope blew over?????
    Always enter the extra. Or it will bite you in the bottom!!
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