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Thread: Trip of a lifetime - ALCAN Highway

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    I have driven it about 50 one-way trips (down and back) since 1966. The AK highway itself has been drastically improved since my first trip. It has been widened, straightened and many of the hills have been removed. The entire highway has been black topped, but it isn't uncommon to have road repair going on for a number of miles in places. I have even made three one way flying trips in a super cub (round trip in mine and one way with another one) . In the lower portion, there are quite likely to be some fields which you can use for training, depending on the crop. Even some gravel pits have been reseeded further up and although most of them have a barrier, you could still park on the road and walk in with your dog. There has been no problem taking a blank training pistol for me, but do tell them at the border that you have it. The Cassiar is my preferred route if I am coming from west of Montana. The Cassiar will allow you to see more game, you can cut through a National park if you wish, etc. It is a much narrower road with fewer gas stations. In the spring it tends to be a bit bumpy as logging trucks drive it heavily in the winter, but by mid- summer it should be in good shape.
    I have often driven 12 hours per day and only stopped to air dogs, stretch and grab a bite to eat. The long hours have been due to time constraints for my travel. Back in the 60's my wife and I have switched off on the driving with a good set up for one to sleep, and have made it to Minneapolis from Fairbanks in 70 hours, non-stop; it was December, VERY cold (-50F at Whitehorse) and we didn't want to stop. We obviously had a destination where we wanted to be and didn't want to use any of our limited time enroute. Eight hour days are quite doable as it isn't like city driving, and you will obviously want to do some shorter days than that and possibly a few longer.

    Watch carefully for game so that you don't have a mishap. buffalo are normally in the ditches for a long distance before Contact creek up to that point. They are referred to as Yukon 'speed bumps'. There could be elk and some bison along the road north of Whitehorse up to Kluane. All of the trip could have an occasional moose or deer. Definitely expect to have elk, and deer near the road in the Toad river area, so be careful. They are usually out in the earlier hours and later hours there.

    Credit card companies take care of the rate of exchange, but some of them charge a fee for that, so check on yours.

    Enjoy, and good luck.

    The 70 hour figure was primarily thrown in to give you a reference; it will take about 72 hours of driving from Minneapolis to Anchorage or Fairbanks; you can do that any way that you wish (7 ten hour days, ten 7 hour days, etc). Time to northern Montana is about 50 hours.
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