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Thread: Most memorable FT moments - Good and Bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseberry View Post
    as everyone who has checked my record on ee knows, i aint got that many ft experiences!

    but here goes, last fall my young boy crew needed to run a derby. my daughter had passed the cpa exam, finished her masters and was about to begin work at a big 4 firm. she asked if we could go on a mini vacation together before work started. she lives in memphis so we decided to go to st. louis for a couple of days and then run at the busch grounds in weldon springs.

    we had a great time in st louis and then had a pretty nice derby going on saturday. the judges generously carried every dog that got the birds and we didn't finish on saturday and the 4th was to be sunday morning. we checked into a nice, name brand inn and suites in weldon near the grounds, our first night in this hotel. the next morning i got ready, had an itchy spot or two but attributed it to a chigger or three. no big deal. we went out and the judges had a "very simple", short converging water double. i was confident we had a greenie and felt i was battling for rj, maybe a placement.

    ol' crew switched and got picked up. bekah said dad it looked easier than the first three. i replied that, "we don't even train on little setups like that!" she said, "don't you think maybe you should prepare for the easy stuff too sometimes?"

    anyway, it wasn't was bed bugs! my daughter didn't get one bite and i had literally hundreds. my wife is a 25 year trauma rn, when i got home and pulled my shirt off for her to examine me she gets a look of serious alarm and says, "OH MY GOD!!!!!". when the old folk say, don't let the bed bugs bite......they is serious!!!!
    I've literally lived in hotels for the last decade.
    Make no mistake about it. Bedbugs are EVERYWHERE now. I'm not even close to kidding about that.

    The best tip that I can give you, is about how to find them before you get bit. You will NEVER see them or their signs on the bed itself.

    The staff will keep the bed clean and change the sheets daily (usually).
    But, they don't mess with the headboard.

    In a hotel, the headboard hangs on the wall like a picture. Take it off the wall, and lay it on the bed.
    Then, take a flashlight and shine it in all the cracks and crevices that are normally in complete darkness.

    If there's a CURRENT bedbug problem, you will see live adult and juvenile bedbugs.
    If there WAS a problem, you will see shed skins, eggshells, and possibly dead adult and juvenile bedbugs.

    In my experience, there aren't many hotels that haven't ever had a bedbug problem. Even the "ritzy" ones. But, it's like a hooker with an STD. If they talk about it, they immediately lose all of their clientele.

    At least there are some, that have the decency to fix the problem, before taking in a new "tenant".

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    My first Qual with my first field bred Golden was at 1997 Golden National in St Louis. 69 dogs, biggest Qual I had ever heard about. She comes out and hammers the land marks and blind and does a nice job on water blind. Big water triple with memory bird across the pond with the line going just over tip of the point. She nails flyer and shorter memory bird then I line her up for long memory bird. She takes a great line to the point, the gets up on the point takes a hard left and takes off at Mach speed. She runs around the pond, jumps over the bird boy in his chair, leaps into the water and gets the bird. At that point I'm pretty sure we are out because of the cheat and say something to that effect to the judge. She starts laughing and says "she damn sure knew where that bird was and I think she took 5 yrs off that bird boys life". We ended up with a JAM, one of only 9 dogs that made it through that test.

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