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Thread: I met Jerry Day

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    Darn phone autocorrect. Definitely*

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    I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry, Jean and their dogs a number of years ago. It was just before his primer pistol was released. He had a couple that we used for several days.

    Jerry and Jean were very gracious and pleasure to spen time with.

    Tom Wall

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    Jerry and Jean have been wonderful contributors to our sport. I first met him many years ago when he came to FL to mentor and help establish CFHRC. He had the first equipment trailer we had ever seen. Thought that was way cool. Had the chance to watch Jerry and Sue from the judge's chair as well.
    I handled my derby dog away from old fall area in ATL a few years ago. Pup took the single cast straight to that last bird of the trial. 'Course I knew we were out but I heard "Great handle!" from the gallery. Turned around and saw Jerry grinning ear to ear.
    Great guy and always very generous with his time.

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    I've had the pleasure of being around Jerry from time to time since 1995 or 1996. Jerry is the epitome of class and just a super down to earth guy. There are field trial people who put on airs or look down their noses at hunt test dogs and trainers, etc., but Jerry has never been one of those. He would congratulate you on your first Junior pass with your unregistered dog just about the same as he would congratulate someone else on getting their FC. He has always been an encouragement to anyone and everyone trying their hand at retriever games. Jerry is the same every time you meet him and in every situation. I'd challenge you to find someone who loves dogs more than Jerry and he is as fair to his dogs in training as anyone I've seen, giving them every chance to make the right decision, giving the dog the benefit of the doubt, etc. I don't know whether Old South HRC would have survived through the years without the generosity of Jerry and Jean (and later David Didier) in the use of their wonderful training grounds which they have always shared generously with both Old South and Atlanta Retriever Club. I haven't run any tests or trained much in several years so I haven't seen Jerry lately, but if you don't like Jerry Day the problem is on your end. Having said all of that, Jerry doesn't need my testimonial or anyone else's as I've never heard anyone say anything negative about him (except that he likes Georgia Tech).
    HRCH UH "Boomer" MH
    UH HR "Hunter" SH (RIP)

    "When you go to a test or a trial, your dog should be underwhelmed." ~ Evan Graham

    "It is unreasonable to expect a dog to be more precise than you are." ~ Rex Carr

    "You own what you condone." ~ Mike Lardy

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuntinDawg View Post
    (except that he likes Georgia Tech).
    That right there is proof that nobody is perfect.
    Bubba Joiner

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    Jean and Jerry Day started in the NAHRA club known as the Great Southern Hunting Retriever Club. Jerry had a dog and was training as a hobby. His company built rollers used by printing plants. I well remember them as being both serious about training and also a general hoot to have around. For instance, ask Jean about the time she got stuck in the mud during a Dec hunt in NC. She went to the line in huge boots. As her dog progressed through the test, she was sinking lower and lower in the mud. This didn't phase her and she kept working the dog. Finally, the dog completed the test and she discovered the mud was over her boots and she couldn't move. It took 3-4 people to help her out.

    I was returning from a NAHRA test with Tracey Saunders when a pick-up pulled up if front of us and there was Jerry waving his hands to get us to follow him. He lead us to this place off I-85 near Moreland, GA. Jerry got out of the car and spread his arms and said, "I just bought this." That's the Jerry Day Farm and he was like a proud boy...just had to show it to someone.

    I'd not seen Jerry for about 10 years and meanwhile he'd started Days Afield, started field trialing, and I'd grown a beard. I ran into him last year at a test and he greeted me by name and it was like we'd been neighbors for years.

    They're such special people.

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    Senior Member David McLendon's Avatar
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    I train with Jerry most weekends here in GA, first class guy, even if he does like my dog RayRay better than me.
    Field Trials are competitions....not everyone gets a "participation ribbon" and they do "keep score"

    Music for walking to the line

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    I have the great good fortune to train with Jerry several days a week. He and Jean both are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and he's taught me so much I wouldn't even how to start to thank him.

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