Hey everyone,

Last week I posted about the serious car accident my family and dogs were in. My family came out fine, I have a couple fractures in my back (nothing too serious), and my dogs appeared to be fine. My 5 mo YLF had a "sore knee". The emergency vet and my regular vet did not find anything with the x-ray that showed more than some swelling. She favored the leg for about 2 days following accident, but never seemed to be in pain.

On the third day and again today, her knee seemed to "lock up" where she had trouble using it, but did not show signs of pain. I massaged it a bit and she was back to normal with just a little stiffness.

Anyhow, I want to get a vet more experienced working with sporting dogs. Can anyone recommend a good vet in the Seattle area?

Thanks in advance!