One way to reduce MN entries
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Thread: One way to reduce MN entries

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    Default One way to reduce MN entries

    Restrict the sale of alcohol.

    If I were going, i would have to scratch my dogs since my dog truck would flip over if there was no beer in the cooler

    The Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors and Flint Oak have just become aware of significant limitations on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages at the Lodge and on the grounds of Flint Oak.

    Under Kansas law, Flint Oak can only sell beer, wine and liquor to “Club Members.” And also under Kansas law, there can be NO consumptions of alcoholic beverages on Flint Oak property that was not purchased from Flint Oak.

    Flint Oak has received approval to offer a temporary (15-day) membership for this event only. To comply with the law, Temporary Club Memberships will be available to those submitting a Flint Oak application, signed and mailed to Flint Oak along with a $10.72 fee. This cost includes a spouse. (See Application Form for details). Your temporary Flint Oak Memberships are valid Sept. 15-30.

    Membership applications must be received no later than by Sept. 4, 2013 – no exceptions. Membership cards can be mailed or picked up at the event. (Be sure to indicate on your application whether you want your membership card mailed, or picked up at the Flint Oak office.)

    Flint Oak apologizes for the inconvenience this may cause handlers and guests but must of course comply with the law.

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    I wonder if they'll check the serial numbers on your beer? You know to make sure it comes from there...
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    Maybe those Kansas legislators should be in Washington, D.C. Paying attention to the beer or booze consumed at a dog trial is a stretch, even for a politican. What next? Bill
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    $10.72 x everyone that sets foot on their property. That's a lot of revenue generated for Flint Oak and/or the state. Sounds like a lot of horse squeeze to me. What about age? They going to make kids get the membership (code word for tax or fee)? If requiring payment makes this temp membership a binding agreement/membership to comply with any state laws, then why not make the fee $1.00? MNRC may have got hoodwinked.
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    Dang and I thought the gun-restrictions last year were hard; they'd have to impound my RV, Truck, Trailer and who knows just what else they might find Good thing I'm not going, Cuz we'd be reliving the foundations of Nascar. Earnhadts got nothing on a thirsty trainer with a dog-box and trailer
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    I think it's kind of a joke, you mean to say that no one from the MNRC or Flint Oaks new that we needed this before now. It's kind of funny how it went from having to be a member to have a beer to anyone on the grounds now has to be a member

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    This is weird. I was there last weekend for another event and there were plenty of non-members served alcohol.

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    If the state plans to enforce this it will provide an exceptional opportunity for criminals in Kansas if a significant number of law enforcement assests are wasting their time checking retriever people and their vehicles for illegal booze.

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    so at the other events held there they have to pay for a membership?
    this sounds crazy to me and why did not anyone know of this law before hand!
    David Jansma
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    Here's what the latest notice from MNRC said:
    "The Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors and Flint Oak have just become aware that EVERYONE on the Flint Oak property, whether drinking or not, needs to fill out the temporary Flint Oak membership form."

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