Dogta vs. TT Pro Control RL Releases
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Thread: Dogta vs. TT Pro Control RL Releases

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    Senior Member Anthony Heath's Avatar
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    Default Dogta vs. TT Pro Control RL Releases

    Looking to get feedback from all who have experience with either or both. Satisfaction, reliability, etc...

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    Had the Dogtra, then sold them to get the TT Pro Controls.

    It took me about a month to relize that I REALLY missed my dogtra's, sooooo. . .

    After about 4 more months I sold the TT and now AGAIN HAPPILY OWN DOGTRA releases and could not be happier with them.
    Sean Jackson

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    Still have the old TT 150's.
    Have seen both newer systems and they both seem to be reliable. When I upgrade it will be to Dogtra. Why? Because Dogtra's sound like a duck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa Schirmeister
    When I upgrade it will be to Dogtra. Why? Because Dogtra's sound like a duck.
    Yep!! I had to TT Pro Controls and was disappointed when I got them to find that the "duck sound" sounded more like the hockey horn at my grandson's games. When a friend called me on my cell phone while I was training and hit the sound on his Dogtra unit, I sent TT Pro Controls back and bought Dogtras.

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    I have two Dogtra RR's w/duck call. Got them about 13 months ago. They both worked great when I first got them. Then within 2/3 months one of them started giving me a real weak duck quack sound, so of course I recharged it and it didn't help. Dogtra fixed it within a week, no problem. I did ask for an "autopsy" on the unit, in case it was something I did wrong, but I did not recieve any information from Dogtra regarding the failure.

    Now, after not using them regularly for the winter months, both units have a weak quack sound. This time it is not as bad, but the dogs can't hear it clearly, and it isn't close to what it was when I first got them.
    The release circuit works perfect every time.

    Has anybody else had this problem? I wonder if the speaker paper for the quack sound is affected by moisture during long storage periods, or changes in temps. I did have them in my truck some this winter, and I did use them in some fairly cold weather, hopefully the battery and power circuit can handle midwest cold.

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    Senior Member Robert S. Libberton's Avatar
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    I bought the TT pro Control RL for the winger I have and I am 100% happy with it, it is easy to operate and control, no wif it talked to the BB remote it would be perfect!!
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    Senior Member Howard N's Avatar
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    Has anybody else ruined a pro control receiver int he rain? I love mine, a training partner bought a TT pro control transmitter and 3 receivers. In hard rain two of the receivers died and TT was pretty slow replacing them.

    This happened to anyone else?
    Howard Niemi

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    I have the TT 150's and loved them. Now I upgraded to the TT Pro Release. and feel the same. The dog's learn what that sound is, just like "Okay, Okay" before a happy bummper. I don't really care what it sounds like.

    Howard, tell your buddy to make sure that he replaces the charger caps after charging or they COULD get wet inside.
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    I've had two Dogtra RRD units w/duck call for over 1 year and have been totally satisfied. Not one problem and they've seen regular use.
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    I've owned a dogtra 1202 NCP for over two years now and use it on a daily basis. Can't imagine a product with better quality and reliability.

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