Don't offend Muslims ... consequences
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Thread: Don't offend Muslims ... consequences

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    Default Don't offend Muslims ... consequences

    I was stunned when I heard the POTUS say at the UN that the future did not belong to those who offended the Prophet of Islam. When the mere mention of God (anybody's version of it), is assailed regularly by atheists, where were they when the POTUS made that speech?

    I really believe that all faiths, and even atheists, should be free to believe as they wish ... as long as they don't force their beliefs on anybody else. That freedom of expression is what our government is supposed to protect for everyone. Holding office, even being POTUS, does not require that the office-holder give up their faith. It does mean that such a position of power, or the agencies of government, cannot be used to punish ANYone for having a differing personal belief; or favor anyone for having the same personal beliefs. Seems very simple, doesn't it?

    Guess it's not that simple. I know that a lot of people have little use for Pam Geller. I just read what she publishes and see if it makes sense. This is from a Geller piece in American Thinker.

    I bolded some sections ...

    The Boston bombers have said they slaughtered Americans in the cause of Islam.

    Yet it was only Representative Louis Gohmert (R-TX) who has shown any interest in the implications of this. Gohmert is a hero, a singular man of courage. He pressed FBI director Robert Mueller last month until finally Mueller admitted that the only contact that the FBI had with the Boston bombers' terror mosque was "outreach."

    Outreach is a euphemism for submission. With the Boston jihad bombings, the mosquerade of "outreach" achieved its goal of deceiving and "subduing" the dhimmi FBI. Americans were murdered in cold blood, but the FBI's "outreach" with the terror mosque was successful.

    Gohmert, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, also blasted the FBI in April over how political correctness prevented investigators from honing in on the Boston bombing suspects. The Obama administration scrapped all mention of jihad and Islam from all FBI training manuals. That scrubbing came at the insistence of Muslim groups with which the FBI and other agencies were engaged in "outreach."

    And in Tennessee, under the guise of "Muslim Outreach," Obama's Department of Justice has vowed to criminalize postings on social media that offend Muslims. So Muslim Outreach has become the apparatus for Sharia implementation. U.S. Attorney Bill Killian led a seminar there recently about how civil rights laws could be used to criminalize criticism of Islam. Will Killian vow to criminalize the vicious Jew-hatred commanded in the Quran? Will Killian ban the hate speech in the Quran? No, but he has vowed to criminalize postings on social media that criticize Islam or offend Muslims.

    Read more:
    Is this why NSA is monitoring everybody's emails and social media postings? If anyone says that Islam is not a religion of peace, they can be prosecuted under civil rights law?

    As we see the DOJ insist that they will seek to prosecute Zimmerman under civil rights law (even after the FBI came up empty on that in their investigation), and the IRS used to obstruct conservative non-profits, this no longer looks as far-fetched as it might have not long ago.
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    So...what principle are you willing to apply??? The Christian teaching of turning the other cheek? Or is that just common sense? You think there would be a snowball's chance in hell of that 'principle' being reversed in a muslim facility?

    BTW, IF you were allowed to enter a mosque, what would be the penalty for leaving a ham sandwich behind for the church mice?

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