So much for no government funds being used for abortions.

Planned Parenthood affiliates have faced similar accusations in the past. In 2012 the Alliance Defense Fund compiled state and federal audits of Planned Parenthood affiliates, concluding that “38 federal audits of state family-planning programs by HHS-OIG found between $88 million and $99 million in overbilling. The federal audits detailed ‘unbundling’ billing schemes related to pre-abortion examinations, counseling visits, and other services performed in conjunction with an abortion, and improper billing for abortions themselves. In New York alone during one four-year audit period, it appears that hundreds of thousands of abortion-related claims were billed illegally to Medicaid.” The Health and Human Services report, available here, found New York abortion clinics illegally billing Medicaid for abortions — a single clinic billed taxpayers for nearly 4,000 abortions during the audit period.
This is NOT a discussion of being pro or con for abortion ... it is simply a matter of whether laws were broken.

In addition to govt funds that go directly to Planned Parenthood, the clinics get even more money indirectly from Medicaid.

There should be no surprise that there is as much fraud and waste in this govt program as there is in all the others.

The article compared the legal treatment of a hedge fund found to be guilty of insider trading to the way Planned Parenthood affiliates were treated.
If two traders at a Wall Street firm profiting from insider knowledge constitute a case for charging the enterprise as a whole with a crime, what are we to make of a consistent pattern of overbilling and fraud across several states, involving millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money?