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Thread: Retriever club favoritism

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    Quote Originally Posted by Labs View Post
    I don't run males...but have seen first hand at what a female in heat does to the mind of a male dog....
    It makes things fun. Seriously, though. Raise your hand if you have never run a test or trial that had a bitch in season on the grounds? I can pretty much guarantee that it happens to me a couple of times a season and my little perverts always running right behind. Of course, I don't condone running bitches in season but bringing a dog to the line doing that teeth chattering thing is something you have to deal with.

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    Well, we're at 100 posts now and still don't even know WHAT the he!! happened, if anything. It's all just gossip until you produce some facts.

    I, for one, would like to know at least WHERE and WHEN this alleged incident occurred. I get a feeling from the location of some of the posters that this may have been in my neighborhood. I would like to go to the horses' mouth(s) and get the real story ... all sides ... so I could form a fair opinion rather than listen to a bunch of Denny Crane wannabes engage in a bunch of internet legality what-ifs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backwater View Post
    Be reasonable here, come on! If they are going to use my land and I have a bitch in heat, common curtesy I would make arragements to move my bitch to a friends for those days, Come on. This all started from someone breeding at a hunt test, how they heck did this get to this? Common sense, courtesy, respect, sportsmanship is all that should be needed. Pretty simple
    Traditionally, I'd guess many grounds are tied to a business. Often a training kennel and a boarding kennel. Do you expect those two entities to remove all dogs which are in season as determined by a vet? Don't think that will ever happen. My bitch has been in season during multiple tests. (I live on grounds which support about 6-8 HT/s and 2 FT's a year)She's locked up enough as it is during that time. I try to make a point to air the dog in an unused area although, there is no way I'm removing the dog from my home when a trial/test shows up.

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