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Thread: Stan's thread on Detroit...

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    Default Stan's thread on Detroit...

    ...should be a concern for all of us. Where this nation is headed and how the USA is no better off than Detroit, except there's the false sense of security because the fed can print money the cities and states can't. But it won't matter if the current regime, much like the current corrupt politics in Detroit continue on as if electing the officiasls that got them into the mess they are in, can suddenly wave a magic wand and provide for everyones needs. Can't happen, won't happen, and the problems in Detroit are only going to escalate in other cities, and that's what is the major concern for me, and should be for all the current working/tax paying class.

    It is a major concern of a writer who's views I have considerable respect for...Porter Stansbury. Here's how he sees the problem unfold.


    Who is more broke: Detroit or the Feds?… Where are America's black political leaders on Detroit?… How politics fosters inequality…
    Let me start with a few simple facts. These aren't conspiracy theories. These are events happening right now in our country… things that were unthinkable 20 or 30 years ago.

    Detroit's population has declined by almost 70% since 1960. Roughly half of the people who remain are functionally illiterate. More than 60% live below the poverty line. And roughly half of all adults don't work. Only about one-third of the city's ambulances are in working order. Almost half of the streetlights don't work. It takes the police an average of 58 minutes to respond to emergency calls. The violent crime rate (no surprise) is five times higher than the national average.

    It is shocking to realize that only 50 years ago, Detroit was the shining example for the world of capitalism and civil society. It doesn't take long to destroy wealth.

    Here's another big issue… Detroit is a city made up of mostly African American residents. This has been the case since after World War II, when many black families fled the racism of the South and went north seeking jobs in the auto factories. Detroit became a hub for African American politics and culture. Motown Records is one example of the African American cultural influences that flowed from Detroit.

    John Conyers, Detroit's U.S. congressman, is one of the high-profile African American politicians to come from Detroit. A founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Conyers is the second-longest serving member of the House, having been re-elected continuously since 1965.

    Given the city's complete collapse, what are our country's black political and social leaders doing to address the city's serious problems? John Conyers' website claims he's focused on "promoting economic development." It then lists the various federal handouts he's helped win for his district… as though simply getting more handouts will cure Detroit's problems.

    What about the rest of America's black political and social leadership? What have our president and U.S. attorney general said about the collapse of one of America's wealthiest cities and former capital of African American culture?

    The attorney general, Eric Holder, is promising to continue fighting for "justice" in the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case.

    President OBAMA! in a recent speech said he would redouble his efforts to fight "income inequality" and that such policies would be his administration's "highest priority." So in short, he's promised to handle Detroit by pandering to his political base and doing more of the things that caused Detroit to collapse.

    But that's what scares me the most. In the face of Detroit's collapse, not only has no one who should be held responsible even acknowledged the problem… but our country's leaders seem totally oblivious to the causes of Detroit's collapse.

    Detroit is a living case study of why government efforts to redistribute wealth don't work. But instead of recognizing any of the lessons of the catastrophe, OBAMA! promises more of the same policies.

    Meanwhile, his government is in far worse shape than the city. The only real difference is the president and the federal government are still able to print their way out of trouble, using the Federal Reserve's ongoing manipulation of the U.S. Treasury market.

    The dream that the government could provide prosperity to the residents of Detroit has come to its inevitable end. The dream that the federal government can provide prosperity to the entire country is even more delusional. It will come to a far worse end.

    Printing trillions in new dollar bills to facilitate the madness won't prevent the inevitable bankruptcy of our country. It will merely gut the middle class of its savings and its wages first.

    Finally, if you still don't think something has gone terribly wrong with our country, consider this: Our attorney general just sent a letter to the Russians promising that we wouldn't torture or kill National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, who's applied for political asylum there.

    When I grew up, then-Soviet citizens were fleeing to America to escape such government threats. I don't remember the day the world turned upside down… but it has.
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    my daughter lives in one of the burbs up there. my wife and I visited at thanksgiving last year I wanted to see what Detroit was like and she absolutely would not let me go. when I woke up in the mourning the tv station had a map that showed all the murders the night before. it was amazing

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