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Thread: HT...How can a newbie help?

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    Its all fun? if you get stuck out in the field and have to pee, take advantage of the blind or a tree or just turn your back and dont worry about it. Im not sure how the girls deal with ? Maybe carry a bucket?
    Have fun. If you can shoot thats fun also.
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    Everyone has a first time. It has already been said but I want to say thanks too for asking how to help. Perhaps there will be a hunt test nearby you could watch before your clubs event and see what happens. Also I suspect your club may run some 'test' set ups and that too will provide some insight albeit not the complete picture.

    I have been a member of several clubs in couple of states and one thing I found common to most clubs is many folks disappear at the end of each day when there are birds to dry or equipment to fix or the end of the test when everything needs to cleaned and put away. Some already said this and I agree your clubs equipment manager will welcome your assistance.
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    if you can get to the grounds Friday afternoon that would be awesome and find some judges that might need help setting up for the next day (this goes for sat as well). I learned a lot about the test and setting up things from helping judges set up for the next day and asking way to many questions also the judges I helped liked it because they could have someone throw birds while both judges watched and could decide if they liked the locations for each mark and make changes with out having to walk all over the place.

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    Thanks for all the good advice. I must admit, I really thought I'd get some sarcastic comments on how I could "help". I know there's at least one event fairly close by before our club's event. Hopefully I can make it out to that one and a day or two up to Joe's to get a feel for things.

    BlaineT, thanks for the kind words on my pup. I'm really having a blast with the little fella. I can't thank Joe enough for helping me choose the right breeding. In all seriousness, if work allows, I'll be more than happy to bring a weed-eater and help out on Friday. Just let me know specifics closer to time.

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalone67 View Post
    And the biggest thing of all leave a heat dog home. LOL

    Nice gesture to help out by asking.
    Yes, leave her with the frozen birds and pee before you get there.

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    The best place to work in my opinion is hanging birds for the judges....listen in on their conservations about dog work and just stuff in general..the best place to watch from for sure.....Steve S
    When we have someone brand new that wants to help this is where I put them. Heck that is where I prefer to be if I'm not running a dog.
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    Beware of a female asking you to "hold her clipboard" for her cuz she's got to go pee. Oldest excuse in the book. The first time I marshalled, I think the official marshall must have fallen off her bucket somewhere. She never came back.
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    being the gunner in started is also cool to do that way you can watch the dogs up close

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    Default Helping out

    Don't get roped into throwing birds at your first event you won’t get to see the big picture.

    I shot birds at the first field trial I ever attended because they couldn’t find anyone else to do it. Everyone seemed to really appreciate me and my nephew doing it also. I bet if we had missed a few birds everyone might not have been so happy we were there though.

    I met a lot of great people who are very into "The Game" as they referred to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by cocdawg View Post
    As a newbie, I'm going to attend my clubs (recently joined) HRC event in September. I've never been to a HT or FT. I do want to do a little observing; however, I am more than willing to do my part in helping. I hear of "good" bird throwers and such. As a newbie who has never done any of this, what can I do (and not screw up) to help? Just trying to get an idea of what I can expect. I'm going to try and get with the VP of the club, who's also going to train my pup, and see if I can come watch him train between now and Sept to get some sort of idea. I'm also going to try and get to another club's HT to observe as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeannie Greenlee View Post
    When we have someone brand new that wants to help this is where I put them. Heck that is where I prefer to be if I'm not running a dog.
    i agree with Jeannie, being at the line hanging birds is the best assignment. You can watch the handlers and the dogs, and you will learn SO much about what to do, and what not to do. Watch the better handlers, and see how they work with their dogs, watch their timing and everything they do. You might also gain some insight into what the judges are looking for. Marshal....I think the being the marshal is one of the most difficult jobs....some days it is like herding cats . It is an important job, and all the jobs are important!
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