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Thread: What happens when you need to pee or/ when working at a test??

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    RTF has now reached an all-time high for lack of taste
    I tried to keep it on line from the start Doc,but Fallon couldn't find a rule or regulation in the book to set em' straight.
    Shawn White

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    I CANNOT believe that one of the regular smart - A$$es of the group hasn't mentioned the obvious.....crotchless panties....I've been waiting for a comment like that this whole thread!

    But in the realistic side of things...Helen and FOM have it right....and I have a Yukon. 2 doors make it easy when not in a blind!
    Sue Puffenbarger
    Wirtz, VA

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    I went fishin with a guy one time.
    it was his first time fly roddin

    He had all brand new gear.

    He got in the water and to my surprise , proclaimed to me " I gotta leak in my waders"

    I don't know what to say, so, politely I told him he could do what he wanted with them, cause they was his!
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    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvalab View Post
    That's what I was thinking.

    Could we maybe, on the honor system, keep RTF a fetish-free zone?

    Slinging dead ducks (by hand, or in a giant slingshot) for dogs to pick up for fun is really weird enough, don't you think? ::
    You know, I originally thought this was a hunt chair trying to figure out logistics for a test, but now.... all I can say is thank the Lord this thread is here on RTF and not on DHC....
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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseGooser View Post
    I went fishin with a guy one time.
    it was his first time fly roddin

    He had all brand new gear.

    He got in the water and to my surprise , proclaimed to me " I gotta leak in my waders"

    I don't know what to say, so, politely I told him he could do what he wanted with them, cause they was his!
    I understand now. The smell in the equipment corner of the garage does not come from the dokkens... or the forgotten duck in the decoy bag JD
    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehouselabs View Post
    We bare it in the woods....or in the case of a fairly barren field, I offered to rebird (I was judging) and the bird girl and I used the holding blind as cover. Really not that big of a deal.
    We usually set up a holding blind around our truck which is usually parked a little bit away from 'people traffic'.
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    Our club rents a port-a-potty, set up at a central spot where the equipment is parked. It's nice to have it, but doesn't help a bit when you're working. The contestants like it tho.
    Sunshine Joliet Jake, "Jake," SH, RN, CGC, WDX
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    Almost hate to add this to the mix BUT there is a product called "Travel John" that works almost anywhere, very efficiently and very discrete. Relatively inexpensive and easily carried in your pocket until used and then just a small white baggy dropped into the closest garbage bag when available. Seals up with no leakage at all. Can be "stored" in your vehicle without odor until able to throw it away like any other trash. Look up on

    Oh, Lord, what have I opened myself up for???
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    Jewel-E & Gem-E aren't my whole life, they've just made my life whole! Now Book, a new "chapter" in the family story.

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    You need to make this a sticky. People are starving for this info. GO-girl would make a nice holiday gift for beginners.
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    As an informative side note the bumper dumper is another alternative.

    Although it is $94.95, I consider having a toilet seat on the back of your vehicle priceless!!!!
    Mark Land

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