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Thread: Kinda GDG But Awesome!

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    Default Kinda GDG But Awesome!

    They had this on the morning news this morning. Its kinda hard believe that dogs don't have some sense of time...
    Kendall Layne

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    I think they know. I get home about 30 minutes before Marty on Fridays. The girls are happy to see me for a bit then they head for the deck so they can watch through the chain link fence. They also know the difference between Marty's white 4runner and the neighbor's red truck. The red truck turns the corner and they barely notice, the white 4runner turns and they head to the door leading to the garage to greet Marty. if I have been home all day, they don't head out to the deck until it is getting close to time for him to be home. Raz will wake up from a dead sleep in the middle of the living room floor to head out there. It is pretty cool to watch.

    lesa c
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    That’s pretty amazing!!! Definitely puts there intelligents into perspective...
    Drew Allain

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    Cant see to type
    Just for the record I have very fine dogs. Some of the best in the whole country....or at least on my own block anyhow.

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    I have seen dozens of these "reunion" videos. But nothing like this one! I'm not the sentimental type, but this one got to me bad. Or should I say it got to me too good?
    Carol Howey
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