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Thread: Five Suggestions for the black community

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quackwacker View Post
    I dont care who says it or who gets the credit, the black community needs to get it fixed. White people want them to get it fixed!
    But they dont want our input only our assistance $$$$ and sorrow because of what our forefathers did to theirs. It is not our fault,but the way they act today is their fault. The last couple generations have had just as much opportunity as white people have ,and in some cases more due to being an "minority",which in my opinion is racial in it self to say a certain percentage of any color/race automatically deserve more no matter what their work ethic is.

    That is something that always burned my a$$ when I worked for a large construction company,no matter how hard you worked ,they would put a lazy a$$ minority on prevailing wage because they had to. So while I was running a crew making $14 an hour and being a hard working, responsible employee,there was minorities(including women ,white or black ) that would drag their feet,not show up for days at a time and flat tell you "I dont have to do that" and still make upwords of $35 (plus pension of about $5an hour) an hour because it was their "right".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Little View Post
    Then the "White Liberal Plantation Owners" wouldn't have anything to "Feel" guilty about. Bunch of "Whites" just love feeling good about Spreadin other folks wealth down in the hood so they don't move into their hood.
    BUt BUMFACE is trying to move the hood to them.. Happened to me in CT. Told the leaches to go screw themselves as long as my tax money was being stolen form me so they could make my life a living hell!
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