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Thread: Drought continues

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    We had record rainfalls this spring in northern Indiana.But not a drop all summer and now were searching for puddles.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad B View Post
    Send it my way too Karen! Had maybe 3 inches this month. Almos to the point of having to to "Wade-by" instead of swim-by!

    Three inches!!! Wow!!! Don't think we've seen that much in a month since October of 2011 (or was it 2010?). Prickly pear is wilted and dying around here. Smart ranchers sold off their herds a year ago. Most of the grain around here has already been zeroed out, and the cotton didn't even come up (two years in a row for both of those). There will be no quail harvest this year (I believe that at the last Quail Coalition meeting one of the managers of one of the bigger leases (around 30,000 ac I think) said that LAST year they harvested 86 birds and that may have been too many). This spring during the photo contest I had to run water lines to my photosites to water the grass in the background so that there would be some color besides brown; I saw no rodents, and very few invertebrates. It is just grim here. Going to be 102 with clear blue skies today (has been about that for around 10 days in a row) and the forecast is for more of the same. We really need a hurricane. Bon is right, if it does rain, it'll screw up dove season.
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    Most city people have no idea how bad this could get, a growing population and reservoirs at 25% to 75% of normal with our driest months ahead. With one or more dry years ahead the Texas Legislature will have much more serious issues to deal with than their current focus on women's access to health care. The rice industry is virtually dead and cow calf operations are in jeopardy with the dairy industry not far behind.

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    Not lucky enough with the lack of rain in NE part of the state, that is why I no longer own a ranch in Texas.
    Quote Originally Posted by duk4me View Post
    Pretty bad here in the northeast corner but nothing like the rest of the state has been. We are pretty lucky here.
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