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Thread: FC Finn Offspring

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    Default FC Finn Offspring

    I have done some looking through old post and can't find any recent post about Finn's (FC Blackwater's Last Resort) offspring. everything I saw was when all the pups were real young. Not looking for a pup right now, maybe in the future though. Just trying to see what is producing what. Just kinda curious as to how pups from Finn are to train, are they Vocal? How fast are they Maturing? any pictures?? I have saw a couple adds on pups from females out of Travler and Grady. Anyone have a pup from a breeding like this? Kinda like the looks of it. also feel free to pm me.

    Thanks for your time
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    Here are a couple of pictures of Drake who's sire is Finn. The picture with the ribbons was when he was 10 months. The picture from training he was 2 years.
    Great dog. Not vocal at all. He has been great to work with. Very willing to please. When he does make a mistake during training it is an honest one.



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    Jeff that is a beautiful dog!
    Drew Allain

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    We have 9 with FT results, 5 of whom have a total of 31 derby points. FT Offspring include:
    Bakbay Supernova SH
    Black Ice's Tidewater Gabriella of Heartfield Lane
    Brions Blackwater Cooper
    DanFam's Lil' Rockstar
    JZ's Wilde Card
    Lone Willows Unshakable Faith
    Sienna Woods Gift-of-the-Gab Victoria
    Story's Flirting with the Devil
    Story's Little Texas Tornado
    Sunset's Last Glimmer

    HT Offspring include:
    AK's One Lucky Duck JH
    Backwater's Esprit of Daisy
    Bakbay Supernova SH
    Birddog's Blackater Maximus General
    Blackwater Finn's Southern Tradition
    Blackwater's Fancy Pants SH
    Blackwater's Midnight Maggie
    Brions Blackwater Cooper
    Chinquapin's Mining for Copper
    Crosswind's Last Drake of the Day
    D. Walter's Cade JH
    Depauw Girls Ps Hear Me Chipring
    Deuce on the Loose III
    East Carolina Cash N Carry of AKS JH
    Elite's H3 Ultra
    Finn's Straight Cash Sheba
    Foret's Good Karma Gator
    Hinkle's Big Jake
    Holzinger's Locked'n Loaded Luke
    Jack Bird of Glencoe SH
    Karma's Gold Point Cody
    Last Chance Avalanche
    Leishmans Loveable Radar
    Limestone's's Pinball Machine
    Mighty Saide Lu of the Woods
    Miles of Blackwater
    Mill Iron's Indy Magic
    Nikki-Linds Twist-n-shout
    Patton's Blackwater Boss
    Redlabel's Southern Lawyer
    Ridgewood's Little Nip of Finn
    Run-N-Gun's He's So Fine JH
    Story's Flirting With the Devil
    Swan Lakes Ms Josie Wales
    Ten Lakes Maiden to Black Waters Gotcha Covered
    Westlakes Screaming Banshee
    Wyn-Ne-Wood's Avada Kedavra JH
    Josie Ottman

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    I've trained 5 dogs out of Finn and liked them all. Good attitudes very intelligent and good looks. Very nice in the field as well.
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