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Thread: New Shotgun Recommendations

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    Senior Member Erik Nilsson's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    Break Free CLP = cleaner, lubricant, preservative......been using that and FP10 and have not had my old Rem 1100 jam in freezing Idaho winters

    FP 10 is the way to go
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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyFeeken View Post
    It's great stuff!

    Throw out that oil your daddy taught you to clean your guns with. Those petroleum based products just gum up in cold and actually collect dust. BreakFree, among others, are much higher end lubricant with cleaning abilities at the same time that are all synthetic base that retain their viscosity in extremely cold temps.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Senior Member jackh's Avatar
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    I shoot an SBEII and love it.

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    Senior Member Richard Finch's Avatar
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    Super X 3 gets my vote... Goes bang everytime and shoulders quite nicely...

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    I have SBE II and love it. I have shot over 50 boxes of 2 3/4 reloads, 2 or 3 cases of factory 2/34 shells hunting doves and pigeons. Also close to case of black cloud 3 1/2 gooose and duck hunting. I have hunted in 90 degree summer days to 9 degree days in Febraury for geese, I can count the miss fires or jammes on one hand. Did I mention that I broke 2 mossberg 835 pump guns.

    Love my SBE II.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Nilsson View Post
    FP 10 is the way to go
    I quit using FP 10 and started using Militec1
    Will not thicken or freeze just like FP10, but it also will not bake onto parts from the heat, clean by wiping it off.
    Use an Extrema 2, previously used on a 391, and dio shoot the gas system "wet", again will not freeze and will not cake on. Awesome stuff.
    Nate Baxter, DVM
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    Senior Member Hambone's Avatar
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    I bought the new A5 this spring and so far have only shot it on the sporting clays range. It is a very nice gun and fits me well. I have shot a Berreta and SX3 at ducks for many years but get tired of cleaning the gas operated autos. The inertia action on the new A5 is supposed to be very reliable - Benelli uses that action and they are noted for being very reliable guns. Time will tell on the A5.
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    Senior Member tim bonnema's Avatar
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    dlsweep. I agree a auto can turn into a single shot if not maintained. I would like to add it is the same for ANY firearm. IE last fall on a snow goose hunt both my berretta and my buddies 870 became single shots. after a oil job with break free both were back in action no more issues.

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    Very specific question: what five guns (semi-autos) would you rate have the lightest recoil, say with 3" #4 in Black Cloud or something similar ? I have been shooting a Benelli M2 for years and love it. Unfortunately, I had to have a pacemaker put in on my shooting side. If I mount the gun properly, there's room, but we all have those times where the mount is less than perfect. For those times I really need the lightest recoil. Thanks for some input.
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    Senior Member Keith Stroyan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexGold View Post
    Very specific question: what five guns (semi-autos) would you rate have the lightest recoil, say with 3" #4 in Black Cloud or something similar ? I have been shooting a Benelli M2 for years and love it.
    The heavy gas autos have the lowest recoil, but recoil increases with the square of velocity (both shot and gas leaving the bbl), so switching to 2&3/4 inch 1300 fps Hevishot and keeping the M2 will lower your recoil, keep the gun you like, and is just a lethal as high velocity steel. It might also improve your shooting.

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