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Thread: Trainer Communication

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    When mine was with trainer, he told me to call whenever I wanted. He would answer if he was able to. I called on Fridays during feeding time. Calls lasted less than 1 minute. I simply wanted to know if we were going in the right direction.

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    It seems to be harder on owners the first month... Of course their dog is gone and they are wondering whats happening I try to call once a week or text a quick update and what we plan to work on next week I have one guy now that i call once a week he likes to talk for about 3-4 minutes a quick conversation.... i normally do this when we are airing or driving to a field Last year had a client that i knew would take almost 10-15 minutes per phone call so he got called at the end of the night or we had LONG text conversations... Like someone said no news is good news!
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    I'm just doing shorter term obedience stuff but I have had to ask a client or two to trust me and call once a week. It's hard to blame people for loving their dog and wanting to know what's going on, so I always try to be kind about it, but it does disrupt the work schedule pretty significantly. I have asked a few to just come on out for their dog's training instead of calling. That never seems to happen.

    If I ever sent a retriever to a trainer (and I just may at some point because I can't seem to get into the field enough), I would have enough trust for them that no real reporting was needed, except my observations when I could get out for day training. If I didn't fully trust them I wouldn't send my dog to them.
    Darrin Greene

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    On the opposite end, I know a guy who had a client who was new to the dog games but successful in horses or something drop a dog off for training and told him "Call when we win that national thing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by claimsadj View Post
    When I have a dog with a trainer my rule is no more than one text a month. I know what my dogs are doing in training with me as well as the pro. I just don't feel the need to have him tell me what I already know. When you've spent adequate time training yourself you gain an understanding of whatnot takes to train a dog. That alone stopped me from wanting to harass the trainer.
    I think that's key, too....right now I have a young dog in training going through basics...I like an update every couple weeks because I know that's about the pace at which he is learning new things and it's nice to know how he is progressing through the yard...once he is through the yard, it will be less updates because progression seems to just happen, no real "milestones" like there are in the yard....any updates after that will be more of "health and welfare" type of updates...

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    I have a young girl in training now, about 7 hours from where I live. I did a ton of research and talking to other 'field dog' people I know to come up with this trainer, so I have a lot of confidence in his experience. When we first visited him, I was overwhelmed by how fine of a set up he has and his whole approach. The kennels were very, very, clean, meeting all of my expectations. They have email, but do not use it often, he prefers to talk on the phone, which is fine for me. After the first two weeks, I have talked with him every week, I call him and leave a voice mail letting him know I would like to talk and when I will be home. He always calls back as requested. I have preplanned any questions I want to ask, and focus on listening vs. questioning. I've grown more and more to like and trust him and his program. Our calls are usually very brief, to the point, and all about our dog and training. We have been up to see our girl 2 times and are now going up to pick her up. After she matures a bit more, we will take her back for another round of work. In time I expect to have a first rate, well trained girl. Not sure yet if she will be Field Trial material, but she will be a fine hunter and hunt test dog, which is our goal.

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    if i place a dog with a pro it is done with my full trust and confidence. historically i do not call my pro/pros or expect calls more often than monthly. this was my normal policy.

    i am in a situation now with a dog that is talented but "a little different". for her, my normal communication policy became negligence on my part. i should have taken a more active role in managing her training. now i am fully active in her training!

    you know your dog better than anyone. even if you "outsource" the training responsibilities, it is still your dog and still your responsibility. so my future communications policy is like everything else in dog training........IT DEPENDS ON THE DOG!
    john mccallie

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    It depends on what program you are using. the Verizon program is different than the AT&T program.
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    Yes Pat I remember the rules. Tommy was an excellent trainer. I used to go to train almost every weekend after the first month or so. It was a long drive but well worth it. Sometimes he would call and say don't come valley fog was in.
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    Yea, generally don't bother calling.
    On the other hand I've see trainer with phone glued to ear all day long even while running dogs. Gotta make the deals I guess.
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