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Thread: Trainer Communication

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    If you want weekly updates just ask the trainer for weekly updates. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to oblige. Let them know what your expectations are.

    It’s not easy leaving your first dog at a trainer that’s for sure. My boy has been gone for several months already and has just over one more month to go. What’s made it easy is that he’s only about 20 minutes away and the trainer has offered me to come any day of the week if need be but I haven’t felt the need to since he offers weekend training sessions where I can come up and do the training with my dog. It’s a great ‘Train the Trainer’ (me) experience so I’m familiar with all the commands and ability of the dog. I’ve even taken the dog back for a couple days at a time twice this year.
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    I am almost through my first summer sending my dog "up North" for training, and I got my first update yesterday.

    I trust my guy implicitly, and I know that no news really is good news, so I am not worried about my dog. Plus mine is at the stage that another poster mentioned where there are not really significant milestones, just gradual improvement. Although I was proud to hear that my dog has finally decided that it is much better (and less painful) to actually take casts that are given the first time. Sheesh.
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    I advise my clients once a dog is accepted in for training is no news is good news, visits/training appointments allowed after two weeks in training, text or email is better than calls especially between the hours of 6am - 7pm, all text,emails, and voicemails will be answered within 24 hrs., I will call you if needed(emergency, etc.), we have two scheduled client training days per month. Most of my clients are very understanding when it comes to the training of their dogs.
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