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Thread: What is the best way to lessen a dogs desire to keep birds for himself??

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    The coming to heel should be non negotiable. As for getting the bird, use birds that are frozen solid and step on the dogs front foot while commanding "drop". And then FF the dog!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by freezeland View Post
    Thats not necessarily true
    And why is that? Should I have said it will more than likely change?

    Good luck Archer----I am a duck hunting guy, and although I hate doing FF, I see many benefits.
    John Stroh, Lodi ca

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    when he is chomping down on the bird and you get him to sit, grab ahold of his upper jaw and roll his lip in between his tooth and the bird and press he will open his mouth then command drop and take the bird. then repeat. good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7pntail View Post
    And why is that? Should I have said it will more than likely change?
    That would be a more accurate statement I believe. My dog for example is forced, but he does cigar bumpers quite often. His bird handling is perfect though. Some will advocate a cigar hold on bumpers is a fight worth fighting, to me not so much.

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    How is your dog with general obedience? Is your dog a team player, seeing you as the boss? Or, are you just there to please him?

    Before the problem gets worse I would stop using birds. Along with force fetch general obeidence work may help too. General obedience is something the dog lives with its' entire life. For example, my dogs always have to get permission to go through a door before a human. They learn very quickly the door will magically close on them if they try to bolt through.

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    Have fun with your dog,

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    Have you ever tried frozen birds? Kinda hard to chomp those.
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    Was it dog conditioned to the HOLD? My dog has a firm grip but she'd pulled this "Oops! It fell out crap!" For quite a while until I got smart. Now, HOLD means a firm grip. If it falls out (while sitting or moving) we have a big problem. Mouthing is not HOLD in my book. I should be able to touch the bird/ bumper and put my hand underneath it without the dog dropping the bird until I give the release command. HOLD mean HOLD. Period. And since I don't use e-collars, I would use a pinch collar for laying down on a SIT with an object (not birds or bumpers) in his mouth. SIT means SIT. If he decides to lay down he gets corrected with the PINCH collar until he's sitting again. At this stage of the game, SIT is his responsibility. When he stops the stupid laying down crap with a pinch collar, I'd then train it with bumpers then birds. Don't forget to praise when he gets it right.

    Also, try pushing the object into the dog's mouth and twisting for the release. Don't get into a tugging match with the dog.

    Once your sure your dog truly understands HOLD then he will ready for FF if you still think it's needed. Since your dog is already clamping down on birds, FF pressure in the hands of an newbie, might make the problem worse. I'd consult a pro for FF so someone can see an read your dog's response to pressure. But you can't go wrong with HOLD conditioning. You must hold the dog to a higher standard. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck!

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