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Thread: (Don't Laugh) Serious but funny Force Fetch Question !

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    BTW - that two by four Belle is holding is what Bora and the CBR guys call a heeling stick
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    Your lucky. Mine would have eaten the Shi!

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    Default FF

    Several years ago I was airing one of my dogs outside of a motel in Mobile, AL. I finished my beer (in a heavy glass bottle) and tossed it off to the side in the tall grass growing in sand. I forget which dog I had at the time, but she ran out and retrived it. I know, I shouldn't be throwing glass around, but I rethrew it just to see if it was a fluke that she picked up that hard glass bottle. She did! She would pick up anything I told her to that I had had in my hand. I love the pic of the dog with the 8 lb. sledge hammer! Bill
    'Show up for work, do the best job you can and treat others the way you would like to be treated'

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    We had a funny incident like this at a hunt test last spring (well, it's funny now, wasn't so funny then.) My husband was handling our male chessie in his (husband's) first master test (and only third hunt test ever.) A couple of dogs prior to his run, a dog pooped right where one of the marks was landing. They cleaned it up, but of course Jake's duck landed right where the poop was. He picked up his first two marks beautifully, ran right to the third bird, and blinked it. Hunted around it in a circle, then went back and peed on it. "Thank you for your donation to the club," LOL. I know that technically this could be considered a force fetch issue, but I was hard pressed to be angry at him, that's asking a lot.

    We avoid asking our dogs to fetch anything that might be a substitute for a duck in a hunt test: cans, sticks, shoes, etc. If he can't find his duck, at least don't bring back a stick!
    HRCH Roughwater Stacked & Packed, "Babe," MH, CD, RN, CGC, WDQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    keys drop when holding sack of bier... fetch
    hat blows off head and starts cross field... fetch
    decoys in deep muck ... fetch
    tools drop in snow while hugging trees ... fetch
    I am an odd item fan. Them service dog folks do know a trick or two that we all can use

    but a warm welcome to the RTF Jchamberlain
    Thanks for the welcome, I have been a reader for quite some time and need to start accumulating some post. .... In regards to your post I can see where that stuff could come in handy.

    Tight lines

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