I am using 3 bumperboy four shooters for training. Two shooters are equipped with the newer electronics and 1 shooter operates on older electronics. About a week ago during a training session I had placed the older trainsmitter on the hood of a vehicle while the newer transmitter was in use. The batteries were fully charged the day before. The temperature that morning was around 90 - 95 degrees, the older transmitter was used earlier that morning and worked fine. When I retrieved the older transmitter from the hood of the vehicle I noticed it was very warm and would not arm when the button was pressed. Later that evening I tested the battery to make sure there was power to the circuit board, everything seemed fine, but the arm button still would not activate and neither would it launch. I am trying to get the equipment working again, but not sure of what the best approach:

  • Can a circuit board on the transmitter be repaired? Where?
  • Can a new circuit board be purchased for replacement? Where?
  • Is the new transmitter capatible with the older receiver, can they be paired to operate? How?
  • With Bumper Boy being out of touch is there another solution to get the equipment working again? Explain.

Thanks for any information you can provide.