Harassment over service dog:
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Thread: Harassment over service dog:

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    Default Harassment over service dog:

    Wonder if this dog is connected with the retrieving freedom guys from the video the other day?

    Disabled veteran kicked off boardwalk because of service dog - NBC40.net
    -Barton Ramsey

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    There are some scams going on about "service dogs" and you can get the little jackets on line and throw them on any dog you want. (You can also get DEA and FBI badges and shirts and body armor and look like a real cop and to me that's a MUCH bigger problem.) But look, if you have to ask "is that a real service dog" then chances are good, it is. If it wasn't it would look and act like 95% of the ill-behaved leash-pullers you see in public. SOunds to me like the cop was more likely to be a fraud than the dog. I hope the department makes a big, public obeisance and mea culpa to this veteran.

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    This happened in a shore community that hires "surge" police officers, usually young guys with no experience and a lot of testosterone. That particular one and most of our shore communities are famous for idiotic police actions.

    Unfortunately, due to the reputation that precedes the summer officers in this community, we have to assume the cop was an idiot until proven otherwise.

    I haven't seen anything from the police department justifying the action. Evidently there is an ongoing investigation into the incident. I would like to think that if it were not a real, qualified service dog, that the veteran in question would be smart enough NOT to make a big stink over the incident however, stranger things have certainly happened.
    Darrin Greene

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    Same this side of pond.
    It sells newspapers apparently?
    After Falklands conflict,and Iraq, huge influx of human/dog stories that ''er'' touches the litmus of the ?
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